Let’s Talk Calories

Let’s Talk Calories

Our government is now in the health business. Well I suppose with the FDA, Medicare and hospital regulations they have been in the health business for a long time. With the new health care insurance laws they are even deeper into the business of health.

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I am an advocate, a fan, a supporter of good health. I think when we lose our health to illness or disease we have lost something very valuable. I am also however, a lover of freedom of choice. It is our choices that define who we are.

I started thinking about choices, health, and our government when reading news articles about the new requirements for school lunches. The government is cracking down on what can be offered as a healthy school lunch. They have taken soda out of the school vending machines and are adding fresh fruit and veggies as a requirement to receive the school lunch. I believe the attempted goal is to combat obesity by serving our children nutritious food while monitoring calories consumed.

When I went to school I usually brought my lunch from home carried it to school in a brown bag and bought a carton of milk or did the whole lunch box thermos routine. The fun began when we all sat down to eat. Maybe today your Ding Dong doesn’t sound so appealing so you trade with a neighbor for something they weren’t too thrilled about. Isn’t the school lunch room the first place you learned to barter?

School lunch mandates don’t affect all of us but the new requirements for restaurants and fast food franchises to post how many calories are in any given menu item will most likely affect everyone. You have probably seen menu items at your favorite restaurants that sport a low calorie designation or a heart healthy symbol. Again this is an attempt by our government to educate the public on the number of calories they are consuming to fight obesity.

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What is a calorie?

According to The American Heritage Science Dictionary

Calorie A unit of heat equal to the amount of heat needed to