Taylor 5596G Body fat Body Water Scale with Bone and Muscle Mass Features

Taylor Precision Products Body Fat Scale. This scale can monitor your body fat and your body water to the 0.1% (using the bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) method), which is precise enough to monitor changes in your body health over time.The 5596G also measures bone mineral mass and muscle mass. This scale also features 10 user memories and operates in either normal mode or athlete mode (for those who work out 10 hours or more per week). The large LCD readout features 3 lines of information, showing all the detail on one screen. There is also a body fat and body water range graph that displays if you are in the optimal zone for your gender and age. Plus, this scale also functions as just a scale — simply step on to get your accurate weight up to 350 lbs by 0.2 lbs. Lifetime warranty.


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One thought on “Taylor 5596G Body fat Body Water Scale with Bone and Muscle Mass Features

  1. wbguerrant

    Hahahahah. This piece of junk does not “function as just a scale”. I step on it and it does nothing. Yes, of course I replaced the battery (9V). In fact, it doesn’t function as anything! The toggle switch only advances up and not down. And the “SET” button does absolutely nothing. No wonder these things were discontinued.

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