What Are Heart Rate Monitors?

What Are Heart Rate Monitors?

Measuring your heart rate is a great way of keeping track of your cardiac health. If you suffer from a cardio vascular disease, a portable heart rate monitor will help you keep a track of your heart rate while you go about your daily activities. Heart rate monitors fitted on exercise equipment help track your workout progress, and show you if you have reached the ” “fat burning”  level of your workout.

What Are Heart Rate Monitors?

Heart rate monitors are devices that help you keep a track of your heart rate while you work out, or perform your daily activities. These devices show your heart rate in real time, and are of many types. Portable heart rate monitors usually have a chest strap, and a wrist receiver that monitors heart rate in real time. These devices are also fitted onto tread mills, exercise cycles and elliptical machines and have a sensitive grip which measures your heart rate as you work out.

Benefits of Heart Rate Monitors:

The heart normally beats 60-80 times per minute. When you workout, this rate increases to a certain healthy level and it should ideally stay at this level if you want to burn fat. Heart rate monitors also give a precise record of your heart rate if worn throughout the day, so you can chart your heart rate in case you suffer from a cardiac condition. Heart rate monitors help you in the following ways:

  • Monitoring Your Heart Health:

Heart rate monitors record your heart rate during any strenuous physical activity that you may be doing and also give you a picture of your aerobic endurance. These devices show you the level of strenuous activity that your heart reaches while you work out and give you an idea about your heart health.


  • Acting Like A Virtual Coach:

Heart rate monitors have a coaching effect. These devices show you when you have reached a healthy aerobic level and have reached the ” “fat burn”  part of your workout. You can record your heart rate as you workout and keep a track of your progress as well.


  • Accurate Measuring Devices

Heart rate monitors are very accurate at measuring your pulse. These accurately show you your heart rate while you work out and even when you perform daily activities.


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