Whole Body Vibration Machines – An Overview

Whole Body Vibration Machines – An Overview

Whole body vibration machines are useful for sportspersons and entertainers as well as at medical and rehabilitation centers, spas, hotels and fitness centers. The use of these machines is known to build muscle mass almost two times faster than conventional workout machines.

Development Of Whole Body Vibration Technology

In 1857, a Swedish doctor Gustav Zander started the vibration therapy. Then in 1895, Dr. John Kellogg invented a whole-body vibration machine. This was a unique chair developed with a standing platform which claimed to cure constipation and back pain. Russian scientists, fine tuned this technology and used it for many years for the rehabilitation of their cosmonauts returning from space. This helped in repairing their muscles from atrophy and bone density caused by weightlessness in space. The Russian researchers observed that the whole body vibration therapy not only stopped further loss of bone density but also caused a remarkable increase in bone density and muscle tissue. This technology was also used to rehabilitate the athletes with injuries. Initially, the whole body vibration technology was used in the United States only by wealthy people, sports teams and doctor’s offices. But now after years of research, this technology is also used by sports professionals, spas and health clubs.

What Are Whole Body Vibration Machines?

Whole body vibration machines work on the whole body vibration technology. This involves a recurrent change of position on a vibrating platform along with specific factors such as amplitude, frequency and time. These machines stimulate the muscles to work by using the stretch reflex. The stretch reflex ensures that all muscle fibers are stimulated at the same time. The muscles in turn respond to these vibrations by contracting in order to offset the stress imposed on them by the whole body vibration machine. These machines offer the same benefits as an hour long workout at the gym in about 15 minutes. They are used by athletes and for rehabilitation purposes. In traditional strength training, the weight lifted determines the load on the muscles. But in whole body vibration machines, a specific frequency and amplitude of vibration is chosen to stimulate the reflex contraction within the muscles. This not only reduces the time required to work muscle groups completely but also increases strength with minimal stress on the joints and ligaments.

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Benefits Of Whole Body Vibration Machines

The benefits provided by whole body vibration machines include increase in muscle strength and flexibility, enhancement of balance, coordination and posture, improvement in blood circulation and blood oxygen and reduction in diastolic blood pressure. These machines also boost testosterone and natural HGH levels, increase tendon strength and accelerate weight loss. Increased bone strength, density and lumbar proprioception, reduction of back pain, stiffness and effects of stress and improvement in cellulite reduction and collagen production are some of the other benefits provided by whole body vibration machines. By using these machines one can work all the important muscle groups of the body, enjoy the benefits of many other exercises with minor adjustments in posture and body position and derive positive results in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Whole body vibration machines can be used by anyone, regardless of age and fitness or health levels. These machines provide therapeutic and fitness opportunities for everyone. Besides reducing fatigue and cortisol, they also improve energy, endurance, health and well-being. They serve as an excellent alternative to strenuous exercise and can also be used by elderly and disabled persons. Whole body vibration therapy has also been reported to increase serotonin levels. Increased serotonin means an increase in the feeling of calmness and happiness. These machines enhance cellular nutrient uptake and stimulate cellular fluid movement resulting in resilience and cohesive functioning of new cells. All this leads to a healthier body. Whole body vibration machines can even be used in the home to serve the different needs of family members.


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