5 Foods with a Bad Reputation….

That are actually good for you…

Which foods are bad and which ones are good, and how do you decide which when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Some foods have gained a bad reputation over the years due to wrong or outdated research. Others simply seem too tasty and addictive to also be healthy. Here are five  examples of foods that have been considered bad for you, but in fact have remarkable health benefits:

  1. Eggs

Although  people believed for years that eating more than a few eggs a week can increase cholesterol levels, recent research has refuted this myth, showing  that it is safe to eat eggs every day. Eggs are a  good source of inexpensive protein, unsaturated fats, choline, selenium, and zinc.  A study has shown that eating eggs for breakfast promotes better satiety that eating carbohydrates, and can help you consume 200 calories less every day.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn, unlike cookies and chips, is a whole-grain snack with a high fiber content. It is also full of polyphenols, the same kind of antioxidants  found in red wine, olive oil, and green tea. Studies have shown that, ounce per ounce, popcorn has twice as many antioxidants as most fruit and vegetables;  90 percent of them are found in the hull. For maximum health benefits, it is best to consume popcorn unsalted, as a lot of sodium will counteract its health benefits.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is not just delicious and energizing, but it  has been associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as an overall  reduced risk of death. Coffee  has also been shown to  prevent liver and colon cancer, and  may help boost cognitive function, improve athletic performance, and reduce the risk of neurological diseases.

  1. Chocolate

Although rich in fat, chocolate has  the highest amount of antioxidants found in nature.  Not only does it help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, but the consumption of up to 100 grams of dark chocolate a day has been associated with a decreased risk of stroke and heart disease. For optimal benefits, choose the  darkest chocolate available; if possible, buy the raw type, which has the highest antioxidant level.

  1. Fats

Just like eggs, fats — especially saturated fats such as lard and butter — have been accused for decades of increasing the risk of heart disease. However, recent research has shown the trans fats found in margarine and commercial baked goods are to blame. In fact, a diet rich in healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil avocado, nuts, and even some saturated fats from free-range, grass-fed animals, can minimize the risk of heart disease and reduce obesity. High-fat, low-carb diets have also been shown to protect against stroke, cancer, diabetes, and neurological diseases.

People have become accustomed  to believing that healthy food is usually unpalatable.However, recent research has vindicated such foods as eggs, coffee, and chocolate, which in fact  may help protect from afflictions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


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25. January 2016
25. January 2016
I agree with all of the following. Eggs satisfy my hunger.I love my black coffee in the morning.Dark chocolate is the best!!


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