How Many Calories Burn In Our Daily Activities

Reaping the benefits of exercise is assured when you go to the gym and do extreme exercising. It has been proven, however that you don’t need a gym setting to lose weight and burn calories. Simple gardening, walking the dog or cleaning the house burns calories and provides health benefits without stressing your day. Incorporating moderate activities into your family’s daily lifestyle will keep your weight in check, your heart pumping and your muscles working.

Your daily life provides calorie burning activities. When you cook or even read or move furniture or play with kids you are burning calories. Painting, remodeling or working on your car requires energy. Mowing the lawn and weeding the garden plus operating snow blowers use energy and calories. At work you expend energy in meetings, at the computer or when operating equipment. Leisure pursuits such as walking and golfing are a step up in calorie burning. Finding ways to walk instead of riding will help give you everyday calorie burning activities.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle you burn calories by sleeping or just watching television. The Harvard Heart Letter claims that a person who weights 125 pounds uses 38 calories just by standing in a line for up to thirty minutes. Someone who weights up to 185 pounds uses 100 calories when shopping and just pushing a cart. Heavy cleaning or washing the car requires almost 200 calories in energy expenditures.

Some occupations lend themselves to calorie burning more than others. For example a firefighter on the job will burn 500 calories an hour. Construction and steel workers use up to 350 calories in an hour”s time. Sports activities will help burn high amounts of calories. If you incorporate sports into your activities you will burn 614 calories by bicycling or 615 calories by running. Swim for fun and burn 410 calories.

It is recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that most adults try for thirty minutes of physical activity per day. This activity should include weight ” “bearing exercises and well as aerobic activity. Exercising in addition to eating fewer calories will improve your chances of losing weight. The rule of thumb is to consume fewer calories or burn an up to 500 calories during daily activities and you will definitely lose one pound a week. With that in mind, pick up a dust cloth and vigorously dust your furniture!


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