Low Calories Ways To Snack During The Holidays

Eating an extra piece of fudge or a cookie per day during the Christmas season will help you realize one pound a month. This may not sound like a great deal but if you keep eating that cookie you will weigh more than ten pounds heavier in a matter of years. There are many people who gain up to five pounds this time of the year by splurging on delicious dinners and extravagant treats.

You do not have to try everything you see during the holidays; just keep eating a healthy and nutritious diet and you will have more energy and less stomach disorders.

Make sure you don”t skip meals. If you skip breakfast or lunch you are not saving calories for the holiday parties you are making yourself tired, headachy and crabby and if you are hungry you will eat high-calorie holiday treats and consume many calories.

Eat a bowl of whole-grain cereal with low fat milk for breakfast and in the mid morning snack on raisins and nuts and eat a salad for lunch. These will help keep you fueled throughout the day and help you to stop snacking on unhealthy, but wonderful treats. As you are getting ready to go to a party, snack on fiber-filed foods which help you to feel full. At the party choose the fresh fruit, vegetables with low-calorie dip and only one sugary treat.

Eat small amounts of your favorite treat. You don”t need to be deprived so take a small piece of cake, pie or a cookie. Avoid eating all of them at the same time, however. Check out the buffet table and pick out something wonderful and calorie filled that you would love to try, and then fill your plate with healthy vegetables and fruits as well as cheese and crackers.

If you want to be a healthy snacker, hang at the other end of the room from the buffet table. Choose your foods and drink then move far away. Sip water between bites and relish and savor the flavor of each morsel. Chew each bite thoroughly and savor every moment with your friends and family.

Drink plenty of water during the holidays. Dehydration can feel like hunger and snacking on sweet treats will only give you more of a thirst plus add to your calorie intake for the day. It is difficult to avoid overeating during the holiday season, but if you determine how much sugar you will eat and write it down, you will find that you only snack on the one thing you truly love.

Exercise during the holidays to keep the snacking at a low level. If you exercise your blood pressure will be low and you will reduce stress exponentially. Don”t quit your exercise routines; cut them in half if you need. Read through healthy snack websites to learn what you can happily snack on during the holidays.


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