Can an Elevation Training Mask Boost Your Fitness?

Doctor Manny answers fitness questions for Fox Health news. A viewer wrote in after he noticed several runners in Central Park New York using elevation training masks, the viewer wants to know if claims that the masks build lung capacity and endurance are and if they are safe to use. Doctor Manny answers that the masks work using a valve system that let’s less oxygen in, it makes you take deeper breaths. The lungs are forced to work harder, increasing lung capacity and adjusting to allow a more efficient use of oxygen in your body. When you look at scientific studies, these masks have not been shown to increase hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the body.however by making it hard to breathe, the muscles used for inspiration become stronger and more efficient. So there is some benefit to using these masks.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Wearing a simple mask while working out can increase effectiveness of exercising.
  • 2Learn to simulate high altitudes in workouts by wearing mask.
  • 3Increase hemoglobin in the blood and oxygen content by wearing this simple mask.

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