If I Diet Will I Look Muscular?

If I Diet Will I Look Muscular?

Short answer no, not without exercising and weight training you won’t. Merely losing weight alone will not make you look muscular unless you just happen to already be all cut underneath, which is doubtful. If you want to look muscular you have to actually be muscular. You can’t just look muscular; if they aren’t there then they aren’t there.

So lets’ dissect the question, obviously there is some excess weight that you want to be free of and then there is the issue of your desire to “look muscular“. Both of these issues may be addressed at the same time and you may watch the results unfold before your very eyes as you progress.

“Diet” is a misnomer as the word doesn’t actually mean to eat less to lose weight. Diet means the food stuffs that you eat, and the key to weight loss as well as general good health is to have a properly balanced diet. Eating food from all major food groups, watching fatty foods, greasy and oily foods, sugary foods, and caloric intake are all key elements to a proper nutritional diet.

The average daily caloric intake is around 2000 calories but it can vary depending on your body’s requirements based on things such as health issues and the amount of activity you partake of. Someone that sits all day requires fewer calories than someone that is on the go all day.

So lets’ start losing weight, the first thing you should always do before beginning an exercise routine is to check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise. Then if possible, hire a trainer or get a gym membership as they often have trainers that work with you and help you develop an eating and exercise regimen that is best suited for your needs. If neither of these are possible a good workout video can be helpful and many of those also have a diet plan to follow.

Aerobic exercise (cardio) is what is needed to get the pounds off but in order to burn the excess fat the body stores you must exercise at your optimum heart rate, otherwise you will just burn the carbohydrates in your system and this may have a negative effect on your efforts as it may slow your metabolism.

In order to burn maximum excess fat, after your aerobic exercise routine you should then perform anaerobic exercises (weight training), this helps to raise your metabolism and your body will burn the excess fat more efficiently and in the process you will begin to have more defined, developed muscles and even begin to gain muscle mass.

If properly exercising and with a proper weight training regimen you will begin to gain muscle mass and muscle tone and these will give you the result that you desire of “looking more muscular”. As the old saying goes “nothing is easy and nothing good is free”, in other words you will have to work for it if you want it.


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