Disguising Your Exercise

Disguising Your Exercise

There are plenty of people out there who like the thought of being physically fit and in shape but very few of them are willing to go through with the effort that is necessary to exercise. Without exercise in our life, it is very difficult for us to maintain a healthy weight as well as to maintain a level of health that is acceptable to us. This can make it very difficult for many of us that are unwilling or unable to get into the gym on a regular basis. There are some ways that you can get exercise in your life and do so effortlessly but you’re going to have to disguise it in one way or another.

The easiest way for you to be able to do this is to disguise your exercise by making it out to be a hobby. Instead of spending endless hours on the treadmill, why not take up walking as a hobby. It doesn’t need to be strenuous activity, get yourself an MP3 player and listen to some relaxing music while you’re out taking a stroll. The same is also true of an exercise bike. Racking up mile after mile on one of the stationary bikes is not my idea of fun. I do love to go mountain biking and road biking and I get out and do it anytime that I possibly can. I know that this activity is very good for me but the simple fact of the matter is that I don’t recognize it as being exercise. To me, walking in this way or riding my bike is simply a hobby that I enjoy.

Hobbies that provide exercise:

Gardening – Get outside, plant, weed, harvest crops, and mow the lawn. This can be therapeutic to those who work at a desk all day and it provides your body with much needed exercise.

Softball – Join a team at church or work and get out and play once a week. This will feel like fun, get your competitive juices flowing and help keep you physically fit.

Canoeing – If you love the water, you don’t have to wait till you can afford your own boat, take up canoeing. Many state parks rent canoes and you can enjoy a relaxing weekend on the water and get your arms in superior shape.

Dancing – You can burn lots of calories keeping the beat. Dancing feels more like socializing than exercising but it is an aerobic workout that gets your heart pumping. So once a weekend go to a club or join a dance club and get out there.

Photography – Even photography can turn into a health building hobby. Get yourself out walking in nature or in the city and hike to find those perfect pictures.

Beach Volleyball – If you are lucky to live near the beach you know you can find a pickup game of volleyball easily. And if you have ever played in the sand you know you are getting a terrific workout.

Find a hobby you enjoy that gets you physically active and you will be exercising without even knowing it.


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