Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week

The week of January 20th through the 26th, 2013 is healthy weight week with different days focusing on different aspects of weight. January 22 is “Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day.” This alone is probably the best advice that dieters can hear. January 24th is Women’s Healthy Weight Day.

healthyweightweekNow is the week to take a new approach to wholeness, wellness, and just being fit and happy. Focus on your health and bring your family along for the ride. The cult of thinness that permeates our lives has proven that skinny is not healthy. Stop viewing health issues through the curtain of weight. If you want to be skinny, and this is not your body type, you want to be unhealthy. Health is not what someone else looks like, but your individual healthy weight. Feel good about yourself and approach self-acceptance at any weight.

Right now there is a paradigm shift in American. Called “health at any size” or “healthy living” is the goal. This is a philosophy that honors diversity as a positive characteristic. Make sure your children get plenty of exercise and reassure them that they can be healthy even though they are not the skinny little guy down the road.

The body cannot be shaped at will, but it can be sculpted by good diet and daily exercise. Healthy Weight Week emphasized that the problems of overweight, eating disorders, size bullying and dangerous weight loss are not separate. They are interrelated and intensified by the diet industry”s war on those who are overweight. Accept and respect your own and other”s weights and stop focusing on looks. Celebrate diversity. Everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle. There is no central ideal weight; ideal weight is common only to you. Eat without dieting and rediscover that normal eating will lead you to a healthy weight.

Focus on overall health including well being, mental alertness, and spiritual activity. Find those supportive relationship and good communication lines that will make you feel like a valued person instead of a weight topic.

A recent study at the University of California used 78 obese women who were defined as chronic dieters. Women in the “healthy at any weight group” recognized and followed internal hunger cues. They improved in metabolic fitness measures by eating right and exercising once a day. Fitness measures of blood pressure, activity and no eating disorders gave them a psychology of self-esteem and better body image. Along with diet experts and doctors this group followed a healthy eating regimen, pushed back from the table when they were full, and avoided unhealthy snacking. The result? Weight loss at an acceptable rate and the weight stayed off.

Declare Healthy Weight Week as Freedom to be Who I am Week. Use weight loss programs that start slow and help you achieve lasting change. Remember that healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Eat healthy, exercise, and find positive attitudes. The goal should not be calorie burn, but logic in eating, fundamentals in exercising, and living life to the fullest. Join a gym to work out, but do it with the attitude of “hey, this is really good for me!”


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