How To Reduce Your Double Chin

How To Reduce Your Double Chin

The steps required to make it possible to reduce a double chin largely depend on the reasons why you have it in the first place. There are basically three reasons or a combination of these reasons for a double chin – excess weight, age related muscle slackness and genetics. It is best to understand why you have it before you can formulate a plan for reducing it. Read some of the ways in which you can improve the appearance of your chin.

Exercise: A double chin is essentially excess fat around your neck so any exercise, either general or specific that works on these muscles should help in reducing it. Some exercises that you can try include –

  1. Chewing sugar free gum: Chewing gum not only helps in removing plaque and overall dental hygiene, it also serves to work the jaw muscles specifically responsible for your chin. If you don’t like gum just pretend to chew. It has the same effect.
  2. Shovel exercise: To do this, you need to open your mouth real wide and then jut out the lower jaw, making a motion of scooping out stuff approximating the motion of a shovel.
  3. General exercise: Apart from jaw/chin specific exercises, you should also make sure that you do enough cardio (walking, swimming, running…) as also weight lifting exercises that help you lose weight and build overall muscle tone. When body loses weight, it will also lose from specific problem areas like the chin.

Reduce Calorie Intake: Excess weight is the most common reason for an unsightly chin and watching what you eat is important if you want to get your chin back. Eating more high fiber and low calorie foods is the best way to reduce overall calorie intake. Make sure you do not drop to below 60% – 75% of your daily calorific requirements. For most adults 1200 calories is the basic minimum required to stay healthy. Spread it out over 6-8 meals to make sure it gets metabolized well.

Good Posture: Holding your head up high with the jaw line slightly jutting out helps not only in reducing the chin fat but also gives the appearance of a leaner chin. Drooping your head or walking with a downwards tilt on the other hand will bring the fat layers into focus even more. Try investing in an ergonomic chair if you don’t have one to help you maintain an upright posture.

Cosmetic Surgery: Called a Lipectomy or Mentoplasty, this should normally be the last option when nothing else works. A relatively simple surgery, it involves the removal of the fat pad and shortening of muscles under the chin through a small cut. There is a small bruise where the edges are stitched together which disappears in about a week’s tim