If you’re goal is to increase muscle mass, science has some answers for you. Protein consumption is important to increasing muscle mass. The recommended dietary allowance for endurance and strength athletes ranges from about 50% to 110% more than that for the average person. Timing your protein consumption is also important. Studies indicate that consuming protein throughout the day in smaller portions contributes to better muscle mass increase as compared to consuming the same total amount of protein divided into larger portions taken less frequently. The type of protein consumed can also affect muscle mass increase. Studies also suggest that whey protein has a greater effect on muscle mass increase as compared to soy protein. Similarly, studies indicate that whey protein also has superior results as compared to casein protein.  Make sure to calculate BMI to stay within a healthy range for you.

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Key Points:

  • 1Protein consumption is an important part of increasing muscle mass.
  • 2Consuming small amounts of protein throughout the day produces better results than large doses at one time.
  • 3Whey protein from food sources is better for building muscles mass than other protein sources or supplements.

The increased myofibrillar protein synthesis observed in the older men likely was caused by the increased amino acids in the blood after whey protein consumption.

Read the full article at: http://journals.lww.com/acsm-healthfitness/Fulltext/2013/09000/How_to_Increase_Muscle_Mass__What_Does_Science.9.aspx


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