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Cardio or Weights…or Both?

The question of cardio or weights — or both — is one that is fitness trainers are asked dozens of times; probably hundreds. And the reason for this question’s lasting popularity is because, in fitness club culture, there are often three sub-cultures that can be spotted within seconds upon entry: one group that favors cardio […]

Strength Training or Cardio?

A woman-friend was complaining to her fitness trainer about how irregular her workouts have been since her promotion. “My gym routine has gone haywire since this promotion; I mean, it”s nice to have this fancy title and the extra dollars, but I”ve gained all these excess pounds as well,” she said. Her trainer nodded, having […]

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Let’s Start Running

Running is not only practical, it is also the easiest, cheapest way to get healthy and in shape.  Running, as a cardio exercise can benefit anyone – young or old. That is why running along with brisk walking continues to be popular with sports buffs everywhere.