Three Proven Ways to Burn Belly Fat

Everyone wants a flat, toned stomach, but losing those last few pounds of belly fat can seem impossible.  Fortunately, you can get that perfectly toned midsection by making a few tweaks to your routine. Here, learn about three proven ways to get rid of belly bulge for good.

Burn Fat with Interval Training

Research has shown that high-intensity interval training could burn more belly fat than exercise done at a steady pace.  Interval training involves working out at a maximal effort for a period of time, such as one minute, recovering with a lower intensity effort, and repeating this process several times over the course of a workout.  In 2015, researchers for the journal Kinesiology found that this type of workout was effective for fat loss.  Women in the study performed either an interval running workout or a 33-minute run at a moderate, steady pace four times per week for 12 weeks.  Study results showed that while the two groups of women lost similar amounts of total fat, women in the interval workout group lost significantly more abdominal fat compared to those who ran at a steady pace. Add a few interval workouts to your own weekly routine to reap these benefits.  You can run or bike outside, or perform this type of workout indoors on a treadmill or stationary bike.  Pick up the pace for a minute, and then recover with a jog or a slower peddling speed before picking up the pace again.

Add Some Dairy to Your Diet

Dairy foods, including milk, yogurt, and cheese, could help you to slim down in the midsection. In a 2014 study in Nutrition Research, scientists studied 1,352 men and women and found that compared to those who consumed the fewest full-fat dairy foods, those who consumed the most were 65 percent less likely to experience abdominal obesity.  This reduced obesity risk existed even after controlling for contributing factors such as demographic characteristics and lifestyle habits.  Calcium might be responsible for the relationship between dairy intake and a leaner abdomen.  In a 2008 study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, researchers found that post-menopausal women who consumed more calcium had less abdominal fat mass.  A 2013 study in the British Journal of Nutrition found similar results among pre-menopausal women; those with a higher calcium intake were less likely to experience abdominal obesity.  Add calcium to your diet in the form of tasty eats like cottage cheese, almond milk, and Greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon.

Pick up the Weights

Resistance training, also known as weight training, can take your fat-burning potential to the next level.  Researchers for a 2003 edition of the Journal of Physiology, Anthropology, and Applied Human Science compared a group of people who did aerobic training to a group who did both aerobic training and weight training.  Those in the aerobic training group did six aerobic workouts per week, whereas those in the combined aerobic and weight training group did each type of exercise three times weekly.   Study results showed that those who did both types of exercise lost more abdominal fat than those who did only aerobic exercise.  Add some weight lifting to your usual routine to burn off extra belly fat. You can easily do this type of exercise at home with a set of dumbbells.  Tone up with squats, biceps curls, triceps extensions, military presses, and lunges.

Taking the time to lift weights can help you to get rid of that stubborn belly bulge.  Take additional steps, such as adding dairy to your diet and incorporating interval workouts into your routine, and you will finally be able to achieve that perfect, toned stomach.


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