Zumba® Fitness is Gold for All Ages

Zumba is a fitness phenomenon, but does it really burn calories and build muscle the way more traditional aerobic training does? A recent study says yes. Zumba not only gets the heart rate into a moderate or higher fitness zone, but also helps participants burn a high number of calories. Beyond that, the program is also made to cater to all ages and different ability levels. From Zumbatomic for children, to Zumba Gold for aging parrticipants, a program can be found for everyone. Interested in being a Zumba trainer? Look no further than this article for information on the training and support provided afterward. Training will take 8 to 10 hours, and will result in a one-year license. An ongoing training program is also available, which will not only cancel out the one-year limit, but will send new DVDs of dance moves and CDs with new Zumba music every other month. Several dance moves are included in this article as well, to give you a taste of Zumba fitness. Try some of the out for yourself.

Key Points:

  • 1The Zumba workout plan has been studied, although at the time of the writing, the Zumba plan itself was unavailable. However, the people that were tested came out with great marks!
  • 2The Zumbatronic class has recently been implemented and now stands to help keep fit for ages four to twelve years old. This allows Zumba clients to start young at getting healthy!
  • 3When you attend an instructor training, you will be well versed in the Zumba lifestyle. You will be broken off with a few different tapes to help you along your journey!

A total of 12 participants completed a 60-minute Zumba Fitness Exhilarate workout, and 9 participants participated in the Zumba Fitness Ripped workout, which uses equipment. Results revealed that both workouts can be described as moderate to high intensity and reported heart rate reserve (HRR) percent mean value of 79% HRR (range, 65.6% to 92.5% HRR).

Read the full article at: https://journals.lww.com/acsm-healthfitness/Fulltext/2012/02000/Zumba__Fitness_is_Gold_for_All_Ages.9.aspx


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