#1 Exercise For Wedding Dress Ready Sexy Arms

Every bride I’ve worked with wants Toned & Tight “no jiggle” arms for the Big Day!   I have good news…The American Council on Exercise (ACE) actually has answered the question women have been asking forever; how can I get rid of arm jiggle and what’s the best exercise to target this troublesome area?   Results from the study conducted revealed that the Triangle Pushup is the #1 exercise for eliminating arm jiggle!   Like a traditional pushup, the triangle pushup can be performed on your knees or toes.   Align your hands under your chest and form a triangle with the tips of your left and right middle fingers coming together to form the top of the triangle while your thumbs point toward one another creating the straight-line base of the triangle.   Focus on keeping your core stable and your body in one straight line as you lower yourself toward the ground and pushing through the palms of your hands to the starting position.   The study showed that Tricep Kick Backs and Tricep Dips also activated the hard-to-tone muscles at higher levels than other upper body protocols tested. One note while performing a tricep dip; this move can place excess force on the shoulder joint so proceed with caution.

Keep in mind that target exercises will strengthen the targeted muscle but won’t eliminate excess fat from that area.   The most effective way to Release Fat is through a “real food” diet made up of lots of organic vegetables, essential fats and high quality protein.   In addition, fat release is a side effect of strength training, HIIT (high intensity interval training), quality sleep and stress management.   Read this blog post about how to shed fat effectively.

I love doing a Tabata for a quick, simple and effective workout.   It’s 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds; total time is 4 minutes!   Download the Tabata timer on you phone which you can adjust work and rest intervals times depending on what you’re doing.   The traditional Tabata workout is 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 8 rounds, but I adjust my timer for other HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, like this fat burner workout which is 1 minute of work to 30 seconds of rest for 15 rounds.   You can add this tricep Tabata workout in twice a week to blast the “jiggle” and achieve the sculpted sexy “wedding dress ready” arms you are longing for!

  • Tricep Dips– using a step, chair or bench. Review the video to ensure proper form.
  • Triangle Pushups– on your knees or toes keeping your core tight. Lower your body towards the ground and drive up through your palms.   Try to keep your body in one straight line; don’t sacrifice your form, drop your knees if you need.
  • Tricep Kickbacks– using 5-15 pound dumbbell, review the video for proper form.
  • Jumping Jacks– make sure to fully extend your arms throughout the exercise.


As you get stronger you will be able to challenge yourself with the “harder” options of the exercises.   You can also (after 1-2 minutes of rest) REPEAT the Tabata for a total of 8 minutes of work.

I look forward to hearing from you!   Contact me at [email protected], with your feedback and any questions at all.   If you haven’t already, get started with my on-line 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE program.   You’ll get “wedding dress ready” and all the tools you need to be BRIDE FIT in your BODY, MIND, HOME & RELATIONSHIP.


Sheila is a health coach and creator of 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE.    She works with BRIDES in the area’s of fitness, nutrition & lifestyle to create a life of “happily & healthily ever after.”

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Written by Sheila Piehler
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Sheila is a health coach and creator of 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE.    She works with BRIDES in the area’s of fitness, nutrition & lifestyle to create a life of “happily & healthily ever after.”

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