4 “Must Haves” To Get A Bride Fit Body

Getting a Bride Fit Body requires planning and preparing.   Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”   Something I’ve been noticing more and more these days is that women are busier than ever.   Most brides are working full time running their own businesses or climbing the corporate ladder.   On top of planning a wedding, in addition to the demands of the 24/7 world and combined with keeping up with our hair, nails, fashion and a fit body too!  

I know you want to feel “fit & fabulous” on your wedding day and live a “healthily & happily ever after.”   The common “block” to achieving a “wedding dress ready body” and a sustainable healthy and happy “ever after” is that most don’t know where to start.   You know you want to have more energy, sleep better, stress less, release fat and have a firmer body, but “where do you start?”


Do the following to ensure you will be a FIT BRIDE:

  1. Plan to get hungry! Having healthy choices easily accessible is the key to keeping your diet clean, which is necessary for a “fit & fabulous” body and “healthy & happy” mind.   Read this to get more details on Meal Planning for a Bride Fit body & mind.
  2. Schedule the time to exercise on your calendar and keep it like you would any other appointment. Make yourself a priority.   It’s a tendency to put everyone else first and blow off things that you think only benefit you.   The truth is that your loved ones, especially your fiancé, will appreciate the happier and de-stressed bride, which will be a result of sticking with a regular exercise routine.
  3. Self-care is a must! Massage, facials, yoga, walks in nature, taking baths, reading on the beach and going to bed early are a large part of the formula for success when it comes to achieving a Bride Fit Body!   We tend to think that the harder we workout the better results.   This is not the truth ladies!   Don’t get me wrong, pushing your self during High Intensity Interval Training or challenging yourself to “up” your weights, is beneficial and necessary.   However, you need a balance and sometimes when we are “overstressed” it is more effective to get a massage instead of beating yourself up in a workout.
  4. Do what you love! Dance, sing, act, learn and spend time with girlfriends that make you feel amazing!   Spending time on activities that give you pleasure is crucial.   We like to do things that “check off” multiple boxes on the “to do list” at the same time, but make sure you spend some time every week that isn’t attached to the list.


Getting a “fit & fabulous” body for the big day and creating habits that will sustain your results for “ever after” is my wish for you.   This is such an exciting and magical time for you and feeling your best will only make it better!   To get a detailed roadmap to being bride fit in the areas or your body, mind, home & relationship get started with 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE today!   I look forward to connecting with you so reach out with any comments or questions.   Cheers to a Fit BrideJ


Sheila is a health coach and creator of 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE.    She works with BRIDES in the area’s of fitness, nutrition & lifestyle to create a life of “happily & healthily ever after.”

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