How To Be A Confident Bride Even When You Don’t Feel Like One

How To Be A Confident Bride Even When You Don’t Feel Like One

My goal and intention in writing blogs for brides and my on-line program, 12 Weeks To A Fit Bride, is to provide you with resources to:

  • Get in the best shape of your life
  • Walk down the aisle glowing with confidence
  • Secrets and keys to healthily & happily ever after with your fiancé

I just watched a TED talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy about how body language affects how others see us and how our body language actually affects how we see ourselves.  She explains how “power posing”- standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident- can affect our hormones, and can impact your not only your confidence but chances for success in all area’s of life.

I wanted to give you the cliff notes on the science behind this simple thing you can do that can have an enormous positive impact immediately!

There’s an epidemic of hunched over people these days!  The age of smartphones has us constantly bending forward and creating a very unattractive “hunch back.”  I’ve seen women in amazing shape present a frumpy appearance just because their shoulders are rolled forward.  In contrast I’ve seen women that may have twenty plus pounds to release and have a fit & fabulous presence due to their posture!

NOTE:  Hold your phone to eye level instead of hunching over it!  Practice rolling your shoulders back and imagine a string through the top of your head that is lifting you up.

A study that was conducted at Ohio State University showed that an upright posture gave the participants more confidence in their own thoughts, whether they were positive or negative.  That suggests that our thoughts are influenced by our posture, even though we aren’t conscious of it!  In Amy Cuddy’s TED talk she shares the science that says we can “fake it till we become it!”

We know that body language affects how people think and feel about us but the new and exciting information is that our body language, which social psychologists refer to as nonverbals, affects how we think and feel about ourselves.

Why is this so exciting? 

Even if we don’t feel confident we can simply change our posture and practice “power poses” for 2 minutes and literally rewire your brain.  It’s like your posture speaks to your subconscious, bypassing the negative chatter in our conscious mind.  When the “I’m not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, thin enough, pretty e