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Why A Brides Heart Burns For More Than Her Fiancé

The burn I’m talking about is the sensation you may feel when you eat or drink certain foods and affects sixty million people at least once a month and twenty five million experience heartburn daily according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Digestive Diseases.   GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease) is a more serious […]

What Should You Eat Before A Workout To Burn Fat And Get Closer To The Bride Fit Body You Want?

The short answer is nothing!   Of course there is no one size fits all formula so experimenting with different approaches in your Bride Fit diet and exercise approaches is best.   Working with a Bride Fit coach like me is a big help in order to have support, guidance, and motivation.

Fit Brides Eat This NOT That

As your Bride Fit coach I present you with the best nutrition and fitness suggestions based on science that will result in the Bride Fit body you desire and at the same time give you to information to make the best decisions for your health.   My goal is that your health is thriving and […]

Workouts That Get You Wedding Dress & Honeymoon Bathing Suit Ready and Looking Good Naked

Brides want to look and feel ‘fit & fabulous’ for their big day including toned arms, glowing skin, and a confident posture showcasing a strong & sexy back.   As I’ve mentioned countless times in previous blogs, there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula to getting Bride Fit, but there are workouts that will […]

Is Your Butterfly-Shaped Gland Sabotaging Your Efforts To Get The Bride Fit Body You Desire?

The butterfly-shaped gland I’m talking about is your Thyroid Gland located in the front of your neck under your Adam’s apple.   This small but powerful gland is where your thyroid hormones are made before traveling through the blood to all the parts of the body where they do their work.   Thyroid hormones help […]

Food That Increases Your Fiancé’s Testosterone

There’re many reasons why you should want your groom to have an optimal level of the hormone testosterone, such as: Happier moods. Decreases body fat. Increases muscle mass. Stronger bones. Increases libido and improves erections.

How to Make Your Food Bride Fit

Getting Bride Fit requires shifts in your everyday habits like what you eat for breakfast.   Most brides think that in order to get ‘wedding dress ready’ they need to give up food that’s yummy, eat celery sticks all day and spend countless hours at the gym on boring cardio equipment.   It may be […]

Should You Pay More For The Food You Put Into Your Bride Fit Body?

The short answer is yes, but I’m going to show you how to save money and in terms of nutrition, real food costs less.   I often hear that organic produce, grass-fed beef, dairy products, pastured chicken and eggs are too expensive and why pay more for what seems to be the same?   Isn’t […]

F.A.T. The ‘One Size Fits All Diet’ to Get Bride Fit

What does F.A.T. have to do with getting Bride Fit?   Is there a ‘one size fits all diet?’   I am really excited about cutting edge nutritional information I learned listening to a couple podcast interview’s with Dr. Sylvia Tara.   She holds a PhD in Biochemistry and is the author of The Secret […]

How The Roseto Effect Can Help You Have A Bride Fit Mind & ‘Get Wedding Dress Ready’

I wish getting fit & fabulous for your big day was as simple as doing a specific workout, following an easy diet and taking one magical vitamin a day.   Unfortunately there’s not a one-size fits all program or magical pills and there are many factors when it comes to releasing fat and toning your […]