Should You Pay More For The Food You Put Into Your Bride Fit Body?

The short answer is yes, but I’m going to show you how to save money and in terms of nutrition, real food costs less.   I often hear that organic produce, grass-fed beef, dairy products, pastured chicken and eggs are too expensive and why pay more for what seems to be the same?   Isn’t ground beef all the same?   And sometimes the conventional fruits and vegetables look more appealing than the organic because they are bigger or brighter, so they must be even better, right?   Well, no.   I understand completely about not wanting to spend more on something that appears to be the same in every way except the price tag.   It’s true, real food cost more money and it should because it cost more to produce.   As an example, feedlot beef from unhealthy cattle is far less nourishing than its grass-fed counterpart and typically contains tenderizers and petrochemicals (yuck).  

Consider what many brides are willing to spend to get the venue and dress of their dreams.   Sometimes spending beyond their means under the assumption that it will make them happier.   Most people don’t think much of spending money on things like designer shoes, clothes and pocketbooks but buying organic seems to be an indulgence.   It’s so important that we change on mindset on what really matters when it comes to our health and happiness.   The tendency to bargain hunt when it comes to what we eat needs to shift.   The question is, “why is this food so cheap?” not, “why is this food so expensive?”   Do you see the difference?   Eating high quality food matters (a lot) in how you feel now and more importantly in the future.


There is more of a demand of high quality food and as a result big box stores like Costco are providing a very large selection of organic food at amazing prices!   Here are some items I buy at Costco that are staples in your Bride Fit kitchen:

  1. Organic frozen berries. Great additions to your smoothies and protein shakes.
  2. Organic frozen vegetables. Depending on the location they have mixed organic vegetables, broccoli or both.   I always have frozen organic vegetables on hand and I highly recommend it!
  3. Organic coffee. I absolutely love the organic coffee I get from Costco and the price is beyond reasonable.   If you drink coffee, organic is a must since it’s one of items high in pesticides if conventional.   I personally don’t like drinking pesticides in my coffee; I prefer organic cream or pastured butter and MCT oil!   Speaking of pastured butter…
  4. Kerrygold Butter. If you didn’t know that butter is a positive addition to your Bride Fit diet, you know now!   I’ve mentioned how eating good fat is necessary to absorb nutrients and release unwanted fat in previous articles.   Butter from grass-fed cows, like Kerrygold is one of those “good fats.”   The best way to eat is on your organic vegetables with Himalayan sea salt, added to your coffee and basted on your grass-fed steak as you grill.   Avoid the urge to get spread all over a loaf of bread, which is not on your Bride Fit body plan!
  5. Organic salsa. Tomatoes is something you should aim to get organic due to the high level of pesticides found in conventional, so getting organic salsa is smart.
  6. Grass fed beef polish sausage. I love these for an easy appetizer, simply warm up on the grill or oven, and stick toothpicks in bite sized pieces.   Perfect for football Sunday’s!   Dip in mustard and please hold the bun!

Shopping at Costco is a great way to save money on the same quality items you will pay more for at a health food store or WhoIe Foods Market.   Another one of my favorite sources to buy quality food is the on-line store, Thrive Market.   The savings is the same as Costco on organic and non-GMO food and products.   The best part about Thrive Market is that you can shop on-line when it’s convenient for you and it’s delivered to your doorstep the next day free!


When it comes to organic fruits and vegetables, I favor local farmers markets.   It’s a great way to support local organic farms and eat “in season.”   Buying berries in the winter means it’ll cost more and more than likely come from Mexico, which means a lot of travel time.   Reducing the time it takes to get the produce in your kitchen is best.   Check out the Environmental Working Group for the dirty dozen and clean 15.   The dirty dozen will list the most important produce to buy organic, such as lettuce and berries, the clean 15 will list the produce that isn’t as crucial to get organic, such as bananas and avocados.


What about grass-fed meat and pastured eggs and poultry?   Again you’ll find local farms and farmers markets that offer high quality meat and eggs.   I live in NJ and buy all my meat from a farm about 45 minutes away.   I’m lucky because they sell their eggs to a Whole Foods near me so when they deliver I can pick up my order instead of driving to the farm!   I suggest you Google grass-fed cow farms in your area and local farmers markets.   Wellness Meat is my favorite online resource for high quality meats and lots more! The convenience of shopping on line makes it simple and the site has great recipes and tips on cooking grass-fed meat.


It may cost a little more money and effort to buy quality food but making the decision to break up with processed food containing industrialized oils, added sugar and chemicals will save you time and money from getting sick down the road so it is well worth it!   The added bonus is feeling amazing and being truly Bride Fit!


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Sheila is a health coach and creator of 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE.    She works with BRIDES in the area’s of fitness, nutrition & lifestyle to create a life of “happily & healthily ever after.”

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Written by Sheila Piehler
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Sheila is a health coach and creator of 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE.    She works with BRIDES in the area’s of fitness, nutrition & lifestyle to create a life of “happily & healthily ever after.”

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