This Treatment Targets Fat & Inch Loss Wherever You Desire For A Bride Fit ‘Wedding Dress Ready’ Sexy Body

I was feeling pretty excited when I learned there was a treatment available that offered targeted fat & inch loss in those ‘hard to lose no matter how much you exercise or diet’ areas!  

I’m referring to the inches around the belly, the jiggle on the back of the arms, saddle bags, back fat, and not so lovinglove handles.’


Could this true?   If so, I definitely thought pain and deprivation were part of the formula!   Guess what?   This treatment actually does exist and is painless with zero downtime!   It’s a great compliment to your Bride Fit nutrition and fitness program!   Clients often complain that no matter what they do they can’t seem to lose fat in specific areas no matter what they do, or they have to lose too much weight in order to burn the ‘extra package’ on their butt or thighs and end up looking drawn out in their face.

I am super excited to tell you about this fast, painless, and effective fat & inch loss treatment!   Drumroll please….Strawberry LipoLaser is an exciting revolutionary medical breakthrough and is the Gold Standard in inch loss, fat loss and body contouring!


As your Bride Fit coach my goal is to provide you with the tools you need to get ‘wedding dress ready’ and the secrets to living ‘happily & healthily ever after’ with your fiancé.   My on-line program for Exceptional Brides gives you the roadmap to getting Bride Fit in your body, mind, home and relationship.


I believe the Strawberry LipoLaser is a great compliment to the Bride Fit program.   So much that I am currently training to be a technician and will be offering this service to the brides I work with.   Hopefully that’s you!


How does the Strawberry LipoLaser work?

Paddles with FDA approved coherent laser lights are placed directly onto your skin focusing on the areas of the body you want to trim down.   The cold red laser lights targets fat cells and makes them porous, and allowing them to spill out, leaving the cells smaller, like a grape to a raisin size.   The unwanted contents of the fat cells moves through the lymphatic system and with the recommended 20-minute cardiovascular workout within 12 hours of your Strawberry LipoLaser treatment, will burn the released fat.   The double blind FDA study showed a 95% success rate with an average of 3.7 inches lost around the waist from one measured area in one month!   Impressive!


This is an exciting solution to target areas like the belly, love handles, butt, saddlebags, thighs and back fat.   With noticeable and measurable results in just four weeks!


What’s the catch?   Here’s the deal ladies, Strawberry LipoLaser in conjunction with eating delicious & nutritious food and regular exercise will produce ‘off the charts’ results!   This treatment is 1/3 of the formula and I’m convinced it’s the perfect solution for targeted fat and inch loss.   Combined with nutritional and exercise coaching, it’s like the perfect storm!   In my opinion it’s definitely worth an experiment.


Note:   Don’t be fooled by Imitation Lasers!   They offer cheaper treatments but the LED laser lights simply don’t work.


Check out the testimonies at Strawberry LipoLaser NJ and contact them or me directly if you want more information on how I can support you to get the Bride Fit ‘wedding dress ready’ sexy body you desire!


Sheila is a health coach and creator of 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE.    She works with BRIDES in the area’s of fitness, nutrition & lifestyle to create a life of “happily & healthily ever after.”

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Written by Sheila Piehler
Medical Writer & Editor

Sheila is a health coach and creator of 12 WEEKS TO A FIT BRIDE.    She works with BRIDES in the area’s of fitness, nutrition & lifestyle to create a life of “happily & healthily ever after.”

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