The More You Drink, the Greater Your Cancer Risk

Drinking has long been a staple of the European diet and culture. Hangovers and headaches being a large part of the lore of higher education has made the idea of drinking a mystical being; one that can be conquered or one that will destroy you from within. If that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, studies are beginning to show that drinking can actually affect your likelihood of developing cancer throughout your lifetime.

Studies have been conducted that present the idea that higher rates of alcohol consumption can increase the chances of developing certain digestive cancers. These cancers are even more dangerous than some, due to the fact that eat away at the very thing that keeps us alive; our ability to eat and digest food properly.

Researchers are beginning to find that up to 80% of cancers involving the upper digestive tract, colon and liver in men, were collaborated with higher rates of daily drinking. Even light drinking can increase the chances of developing these types of cancer. It all falls down to what you are drinking and how often you are drinking. Even once a day drinkers are increasing their risk of developing cancer, and for everyone else.. bottoms up.

Key Points:

  • 1Not many people seem to be aware of the connections between alcohol consumption and various cancers, and the fact that even mild drinking can increase cancer risks.
  • 2While much of this research has been done on the population in Europe, the United States is just behind Europe in alcohol consumption and faces much of the same risks.
  • 3When it comes to warning consumers, there are a few things that could help: including these risks on warning labels, increasing taxes on alcohol to decrease consumption, and simply greater education.

A new report released this week concludes there is a relationship between alcohol consumption and the risk of certain types of cancer.

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