Israeli Scientists Claim to Create Miracle Drug That Completely Cures Cancer

Israeli Scientists Claim to Create Miracle Drug That Completely Cures Cancer

There is some promising hope out of Jerusalem, Israel in cancer research.  This could be the first step in a cure for cancer just as antibiotics can kill viruses.

Cancer is tricky, because it, like HIV is mutagenic (capable of change).  These mutations can allow cancer to escape from therapy.

The common approach to cancer has been to target a specific drug to a specific kind of cancer.  However, when we treat HIV patients we give them a mix of medicine in order to prevent the disease from becoming resistant to any one drug.  If the cancer drug fails and the cancer returns it can now be resistant to the previous drug treatment.

The new treatment MuTaTo uses a cancer fighting cocktail, that attacks multiple targets, to statistically eliminate the cancer from avoiding treatment.  (Much how AIDS is fought).  It also more directly attacks cancer cells leaving good healthy cells alone. Current cancer drugs kill good cells and cancer cells with usually pretty tough side-effects.  It also seems that this new drug can get to the root, the cancer stem cells, and wipe them out.

Next step coming up with 100 different peptides that in combinations would treat all kinds of cancer.

This new drug and approach has been successful in mice, clinical trials will be next.

If this success continues, this could be the hope for millions who are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Key Points

  • 1Cancer is a complex family of diseases.
  • 2Cancer cells are good at mutation and hard to kill.
  • 3Cancer stem cells must be destroyed to prevent cancer recurrence.