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US Cancer Death Rate Hits Milestone: 25 Years of Decline

Cancer Diagnosis Tied to Increased Risk of Diabetes

Developing cancer is a very serious, and sometimes terminal, medical diagnosis for anyone. But that already bad news may have just gotten a little worse with new research out of South Korea. It turns out, patients who have cancer are about a third more likely than non-cancer patients to develop diabetes. The South Korean study […]

What Does Skin Cancer Look Like? Visual Guide to Warning Signs

Lately skin cancer has been on the rise. Even with all the SPF that people are putting on, there is still a large risk. First thing’s first, it’s important to know the 3 most common types of skin cancer, also known as The Big Three. They are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. […]

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Prostate Cancer Survival Odds Worse for Smokers

New research into prostate cancer is showing that smoking can worsen the long term prognosis of those patients. Even though smoking has long been linked with lung cancer, the new data shows it can affect cancers in other areas of the body as well. The study focused on previous research into nearly twenty-three thousand male […]

‘Holy Grail’ Blood Test Could Detect Cancer Years Ahead Before Tumors Even Develop

Of all the tests and ways to gather information modern medicine has developed, few are simpler or more straightforward than a basic blood test. Doctors can learn a lot from our blood, but not everything. For cancer patients and those worried about whether or not they might develop cancer, the only ways to be certain […]

My Mammogram Missed My Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can strike even young women. And unlike some other kinds of cancers, breast cancer can strike right to the heart of a woman’s feminine view of herself. Worse, the medically accepted methods of both diagnosing and treating it are not always one hundred percent accurate. Even mammograms, considered the go-to method of conclusively […]

American Cancer Society Recommends Earlier Colorectal Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society has released a new recommendation on the heels of a new study released on colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer starts in the colon or rectum.  The American Cancer Society recommends an earlier screening starting at 45 rather than 50. However, there was some good news, maybe not for people but colorectal detection company. […]

This Aussie Company Is Developing A Breakthrough Breast Cancer Vaccine

Image a world with no breast cancer. Image that you could prevent the suffering of your mother, your daughter and other loved ones at the hand of this terrible disease. That is exactly what one Aussie company is on the verge of doing. Melbourne based biotech firm Imugen has created a vaccine for breast cancer. […]

We Can Hack Our Immune Cells to Fight Cancer | Elizabeth Wayne

Recently, groundbreaking medical research has discovered a way to reprogram immune cells to fight cancer. Delivery of cancer drugs continues to be a major problem in combating cancer. Most current cancer treatments cause unintended harm to parts of the body not affected with cancer. Even localized and targeted chemotherapy and radiation affects healthy tissue that […]

The More You Drink, the Greater Your Cancer Risk

Drinking has long been a staple of the European diet and culture. Hangovers and headaches being a large part of the lore of higher education has made the idea of drinking a mystical being; one that can be conquered or one that will destroy you from within. If that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, studies […]