Long-term, Surgery for Localized Prostate Cancer Offers Little Extra Benefit

A recent study, entitled PIVOT, has reported that surgery is probably not the best treatment option for men with prostate cancer. The study showed that men who had the surgery were far more likely to experience negative side effects such as erectile disfunction and/or urinary incontinence than they were to live longer solely from having […]

Two Thirds Of Cancers Are Unavoidable Even If You Live A Healthy Life, Study Finds

Cancer is a ugly beast and a John Hopkins study has shown that cancer can happen to anybody at any time.Even with living a great and healthy life research shows that cancer shows no favorites and can mutate pretty much at random. Since cancer can mutate at random even with living a healthy lifestyle it […]

Cancer DNA

Cancer Rates Set to Increase Six Times Faster in Women than Men

Cancer rate trends are currently showering a negative bias towards women. Predictive analysis suggests that within the next few decades cancer rates will more than quadruple for women, with rates for men lagging significantly behind. While cancer may strike millions of individuals of both sexes in the coming decades, the tendency for larger numbers among […]

Depressed Women Less Likely to Get Best Breast Cancer Care

A new study shows that women suffering from depression are less likely to get the best breast cancer care they need to prolong their lives. It included 45,000 Danish women over a time span from 1998-2011. 13% had been taking anti-depression medication and 2% had been to a hospital to be treated for depression. When […]

How We Can Start Winning the War Against Cancer | Adam de la Zerda

The only way to win the “War on Cancer” is to be completely honest about how we are fighting. We need to be using all methods available to battle this horrible disease and invent some new ones along the way. Cancer will allow the victim to waste their last days hoping for a cure, that […]

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7 Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

When it comes to cancer, catching the signs and symptoms early is crucial. While many cancer symptoms can be shared with other common illnesses, it’s important to pay attention to aches and pains that last longer than usual or get worse with time. Below are some of the common red flags that you should never […]

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Can you Put on Too Much Sunblock?

Slather on that sunblock and spry on sunscreens. You are protecting yourself from ultraviolet B radiation which is part of natural sunlight. Dermatologists claim that UV-B exposure causes skin cancer, lethal melanomas and dark spots. However, and according to scientists, sealing off your skin to sunlight and natural light and air might just be causing […]

BRCA Mutations

BRCA stands for BReast CAncer. Normal BRCA genes fight cancer when it occurs in your body. However there are some families that carry altered, broken or mutated BRCA genes and spread these genes down from one generation to another.   Statistically women who carry a BRCA alteration have an 87% risk for breast cancer. These […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Think pink! October is National Breast cancer awareness month, and although it is nearing the end of the month that doesn’t mean you should forget about breast cancer.

Hibiscus Fights Melanoma

According to the American Cancer Society , about 76,000 Americans are diagnosed with melanoma every year.   This least common form of skin cancer is responsible for the majority of skin cancer deaths and there is no drug or combination of drugs that can reliably treat It. That is why the news about successful trials […]