Vaccine Could Prevent Throat Cancer Epidemics

Human papilloma virus is known as the major cause of almost all cervical cancers and some vaginal, penile and vulvar cancers. What is alarming health care professional is a rapid increase in the number of cases of oropharyngeal cancers, which are also caused by high-risk HPVs. A newly formed Throat Cancer Foundation is suggesting that […]

Smokers Live Ten Years Shorter

If you stopped smoking before your 40th birthday, you will be happy to know that you still have the time to neutralize the damage you have done to yourself. If not, you can expect to live about 10 years less than non-smokers. These are the findings of the recent study published in the New England […]

Cervical Health Awareness Month

January has been designated as Cervical Health Awareness Month. Read about questions that are connected to cervical cancer, HPV disease and detecting problems early and quickly. There are so many distressing stories of family members and women battling HPV, precancerous conditions and actual cervical cancer. Advances and research studies into the prevention, treatment and early […]

A High Fiber Diet And Prostate Cancer

Scientists have been aware for a while that diet plays an important role in the rate of risk of prostate cancer (vegetarians seldom get it, for example). They were also aware that Asian men have about the same incidence of prostate cancer, with much slower growth. Generally accepted belief was that the difference was genetic. […]

Weight Loss Drug May Cause Irreversible Damage

Taking shortcuts in the war against obesity can cost us dearly. Popular weight loss drug orlistat, known as Alli, has been approved by the FDA in 1999 and has been available over the counter since 2007. The new study by a researcher from the University of Rhode Island shows that Alli can cause severe toxicity […]

What Your Breast Size Has To Do With Breast Cancer?

Large breasts are every woman’s dream and every man’s fantasy. But, beauty can be dangerous. The latest study by the researchers working for the California biotechnology company 23andMe confirmed for the first time the link between the breast size and the risk of breast tumors. What determines your breast size? Large breast size is inheritable, […]

Stomach Cancer

Cancer begins when a mutation starts in the cell’s DNA. The mutation causes the cell to grow at a rapid rate and the cell continues to live far beyond its regimented dying time. Cancerous cells accumulate and form a hard or spongy mass or a tumor that can grow and invade organs around it and […]

Cancer DNA

Top Five Deadliest Cancers In The United States

It is no surprise that the very thought of being diagnosed with cancer is one that is an event that goes hand-in-hand with fear and dread. This is because many of those people who have not experienced the event think of cancer as being a disease that only results in death.

A Cancer Drug Works For Multiple Sclerosis

This is the kind of news pharmaceutical companies love: the drug that already went through all the trials, was accepted by the FDA and has been successfully used for one disease, is found to be working for another disease. Good for them, but in the case of the cancer drug alemtuzumab, great news for the […]

Aspirin Might Cure Colon Cancer

Aspirin is full of surprises. We used to take it for a headache, cold or fever. Then we learned that aspirin can prevent a heart attack. Now the scientists are saying that a regular small dose of aspirin can improve live expectancy of people with specific type of colon cancer by more than 80 percents.