STAND BY HER: A Breast Cancer Guide for Men

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month here in the United States. One in every eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. According to the World Health Organization 1.2 million cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2008. The chances that someone you are close to will deal with breast cancer is huge. This book is written for all of you men out there who are dealing with someone you love who is going through the breast cancer journey.

John W. Anderson had four women; his mom, his sister, his wife and his mom’s best friend, all go through the breast cancer fight. This book is everything he learned from his journeys on how to be the best son, brother, husband and friend while the women he loved fought for their lives. This book offers strategies to help you cope, tips for being there for your loved one, (he even reveals mistakes he made), where to find support and how to organize that support, and advice on sharing the news with your children.

I highly recommend this book. You will be moved. It provides concrete actions on how to be unshakeable in the face of your fear and her fear.

  • He gives you tips for preparing you for the personality and body changes that your loved one will go through.
  • He also provides “how to” help her recover from surgery.
  • What to expect and what you can do to help her during chemotherapy.
  • And much more

Cancer Land” (as Anderson refers to it) is a scary place that will change everything but you can come through it changed for the better. So for all you men out there, this is a must read. Chances are every one of us will be impacted by breast cancer, unless we can find a cure.

This book will be released October 2, 2009 by AMACOM


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