This Aussie Company Is Developing A Breakthrough Breast Cancer Vaccine

Image a world with no breast cancer. Image that you could prevent the suffering of your mother, your daughter and other loved ones at the hand of this terrible disease. That is exactly what one Aussie company is on the verge of doing. Melbourne based biotech firm Imugen has created a vaccine for breast cancer.

The vaccine triggers an immune response from the patient to fight off cancer cells. It is still in trial stages, but has already had some very promising results. If it proves to be effective this vaccine could change the lives of millions of women world wide.
Breast cancer effects more than just women, it effects their family and friends as well. It kills mothers, robs fathers from walking their daughters down the isle, takes away life long friends. It steals moments away that can not be replaced. This suffering crosses boarders and language boundaries. This vaccine could change the world and end undue suffering.

This amazing vaccine could also be useful in gastric and other cancers. Asia is currently conducting human trials on gastric cancer patients. If this vaccine passes through the trials it offers a promise of hope for many suffering from breast cancer and other cancers where HER2 is involved.

Key Points:

  • 1HER2 is a protein in breast cell DNA that can accidentally make too many copies of itself, causing cancerous tumors. HER2 is also responsible for gastic and other forms of cancer.
  • 2The vaccine would be a regular booster shot, that would be taken every few years in order to keep the memory of the immune system active.
  • 3There cannot be a clinical trial in Australia yet, because collecting the data would conflict with ongoing treatments with Herceptin. This would make it difficult to prove the vaccine works.

A vaccine that treats one of the most common forms of breast cancer is being developed by an Aussie company, and it could eventually be used to prevent the deadly disease.

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