Top Five Deadliest Cancers In The United States

Top Five Deadliest Cancers In The United States

It is no surprise that the very thought of being diagnosed with cancer is one that is an event that goes hand-in-hand with fear and dread. This is because many of those people who have not experienced the event think of cancer as being a disease that only results in death.

Cancer DNAWhile not every diagnosis results in termination of the victim, enough of them do so that fearing cancer is the correct thing to do.

Cancer is the second highest killer of people in America, coming in right behind heart disease at number one. Cancer still has a reasonable chance to kill the patient even when cancer itself is diagnosed and treated early. While there is more knowledge and many more effective treatments than there were even a decade ago, cancer still possesses a distinct deadliness due to its unique properties.

There are over one-hundred types of cancer, with new mutations being discovered every year. The causes of cancer vary depending on the strand and they can range from chemicals, to viruses, to radiation, and many other cancerous objects.

Despite having had over 200 billion dollars spent on research since 1970, the five-year survival rate of those diagnosed with cancer has only risen 15% – from about 50 percent then to 65 percent in modern times. The most recent reports from the National Cancer Institute post some astounding numbers of the death rate of most common cancers in America, and here are three of the top killers:


The number one killer amongst cancers is the cancer of the lungs and bronchioles in the body. This cancer has taken the lives of over 800,000 individuals, and is likely to be the cause of approximately 150,000 more lives lost this year. Lung and bronchial cancer is the most common due to the cancer causing objects being sold in nearly every retail outlet in the country. Tobacco products are the cause for it, and despite having a warning on the package that this cancer is a result people still take to the products in record numbers.