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Can an Elevation Training Mask Boost Your Fitness?

Doctor Manny answers fitness questions for Fox Health news. A viewer wrote in after he noticed several runners in Central Park New York using elevation training masks, the viewer wants to know if claims that the masks build lung capacity and endurance are and if they are safe to use. Doctor Manny answers that the […]

How LEVL Works with the Body

As we exhale, there us a chemical called Acetone, which aids in the bodies metabolic fat burning capabilities. What the product does, is it allows the user to measure their Acetone output via breath to determine what actions are getting a positive result and what isn’t working. Since everyone is different the app works for […]

4 Ways to Make a City More Walkable | Jeff Speck

Walking around a city is a great way to experience it because you’re able to get up close and personal with what’s around you. There aren’t pains of glass in the way the way there are when you drive. You can touch things if you want to. You can talk to people. It’s just an […]

Does Beetroot Juice Really Help With Endurance Performance?

Over the past few years there has been a rise in all natural foods and remedies for your everyday problems. One problem that many of us have a problem with is our energy level and endurance to get through the day or even just your daily workout. Of course there are vitamins and supplements you […]

LEVL Introduction

LEVL lets you measure what is actually going on inside your body so you can make informed decisions about your fat-loss routine. The LEVL device provides you with the information you need to make real-time, informed decisions about your diet and fitness plan. This reduces time spent on confusing products that donā€™t work for you […]


If you have a garden, whether small or on a few acres of land, then you have plenty of opportunity to engage in a variety of exercise while tending to it. Raking and mowing (but not on a ride-on mower!) can provide good cardiovascular benefits, while pulling weeds can act as resistance training. Even walking […]

Are Compression Garments Beneficial for Endurance Runners?

Athletes of all sports want train to the best of their ability. This also includes pushing themselves to their limits and healing as fast as possible. One such example is that of compression garments being used by endurance runners. Do these garments have any effect on the athletes using them and is it a positive […]

Monitoring Your Exercise Intensity

When one begins an exercise plan, the intensity of the exercise can be figured out exactly in a lab by measuring oxygen levels in the body. But this is not realistic for day-to-day exercise. Three tests can be used by amateur exercise enthusiasts to check an exercise’s intensity. These are the target heat rate, rate […]


If you have (or think you have) Metabolic Syndrome (MetS), then this is a good place to start. This article starts off by explaining the basic criteria of a diagnosis of MetS, then proceeds to outline the impact and importance of resistance training (RT) in combating and controlling MetS. After outlining the importance, the article […]

How to Increase Muscle Mass: What Does Science Tell Us?

If you’re goal is to increase muscle mass, science has some answers for you. Protein consumption is important to increasing muscle mass. The recommended dietary allowance for endurance and strength athletes ranges from about 50% to 110% more than that for the average person. Timing your protein consumption is also important. Studies indicate that consuming […]