Body Fat Percentage

Women’s Body Building Gaining Popularity

The images conjured up when you mention women’s body building is often flawed. When we speak of women’s body building, we’re not talking about beefed up women with huge muscles that resemble their male counterparts. No, women’s body building is much more than that.

Disguising Your Exercise

There are plenty of people out there who like the thought of being physically fit and in shape but very few of them are willing to go through with the effort that is necessary to exercise. Without exercise in our life, it is very difficult for us to maintain a healthy weight as well as […]

The Importance of Weight Training for Golfers

Building strength and muscle tone is important for activity in any sport, and golf is no exception. Endurance training for stamina, like aerobic exercise, is important to be able to perform your best right up until the last hole on the course. But, another aspect that is just as important is training with weights to […]

You Cannot Turn Body Fat Into Muscles!

Muscles and body fat are two distinct tissues. They have different structures, different functions, and react to workout in different ways. Therefore, as commonly perceived, you CANNOT turn fat into muscle or vice versa!

How To Reduce Your Double Chin

The steps required to make it possible to reduce a double chin largely depend on the reasons why you have it in the first place. There are basically three reasons or a combination of these reasons for a double chin – excess weight, age related muscle slackness and genetics. It is best to understand why […]

Are You a Sprinter or a Long Distance Runner?

The body has approximately a quarter of a billion skeletal muscle fibers. Most muscles are made up of a mixture of both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. Most of us have an equal number of both, 50% slow- twitch and 50% fast -twitch.

Cardio or Weights…or Both?

The question of cardio or weights — or both — is one that is fitness trainers are asked dozens of times; probably hundreds. And the reason for this question’s lasting popularity is because, in fitness club culture, there are often three sub-cultures that can be spotted within seconds upon entry: one group that favors cardio […]

Strength Training or Cardio?

A woman-friend was complaining to her fitness trainer about how irregular her workouts have been since her promotion. “My gym routine has gone haywire since this promotion; I mean, it”s nice to have this fancy title and the extra dollars, but I”ve gained all these excess pounds as well,” she said. Her trainer nodded, having […]

Let’s Start Running

Running is not only practical, it is also the easiest, cheapest way to get healthy and in shape.  Running, as a cardio exercise can benefit anyone – young or old. That is why running along with brisk walking continues to be popular with sports buffs everywhere.