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How to Increase Muscle Mass: What Does Science Tell Us?

If you’re goal is to increase muscle mass, science has some answers for you. Protein consumption is important to increasing muscle mass. The recommended dietary allowance for endurance and strength athletes ranges from about 50% to 110% more than that for the average person. Timing your protein consumption is also important. Studies indicate that consuming […]

Zumba® Fitness is Gold for All Ages

Zumba is a fitness phenomenon, but does it really burn calories and build muscle the way more traditional aerobic training does? A recent study says yes. Zumba not only gets the heart rate into a moderate or higher fitness zone, but also helps participants burn a high number of calories. Beyond that, the program is […]

Have a Heart: Can Too Much Exercise Be Bad?

After the rather large boom of runners and endurance athletes appears, new studies indicate that too much exercise may actually be bad for you. The exact cases vary based on various factors, but this study goes into detail on how current extreme cardiovascular exercises may actually be detrimental to certain individuals. Furthermore, individuals who have […]

Obese Kids May Be Ostracized By 1st Grade, More Likely to be Depressed

Obesity in children can affect more than just their physical health. A study conducted found that as early as first grade obesity can affect a child’s mental health. Severely obese children can show signs of depression and can be withdrawn. Children can be ostracized due to their and experience loneliness, and aggression due to this. […]

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Tabata and a variety of short HIIT formats are highly popular intense forms of interval training. Research shows that Tabata and short HIIT workouts can be used to increase both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, promote fat loss, and even improve blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and glucose regulation in a relatively short time.  

The Role of Exercise in Preventing Falls Among Older Adults

For the elderly, falls are troublesome and dangerous. Not only do they risk a decrease a person’s confidence in their own mobility, they risk physical injury. At yearly medical costs of $19 billion per year in the U.S., they impact society as a whole, as well. But there is good news. Up to 42% if […]

Three Proven Ways to Burn Belly Fat

Everyone wants a flat, toned stomach, but losing those last few pounds of belly fat can seem impossible.  Fortunately, you can get that perfectly toned midsection by making a few tweaks to your routine. Here, learn about three proven ways to get rid of belly bulge for good.

Tips to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly fat — that’s the stubborn layer of fat around the waistline — can cause various metabolic problems associated with obesity. This fat is also called visceral fat, as it’s located deep under the skin, around the organs. You can estimate whether you are carrying too much belly fat by simply measuring your waist (at […]

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5 Foods with a Bad Reputation….

That are actually good for you… Which foods are bad and which ones are good, and how do you decide which when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Some foods have gained a bad reputation over the years due to wrong or outdated research. Others simply seem too tasty and addictive to also be healthy. Here […]

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