Hemp For Keto: Why Hemp Protein Is Perfect For The Keto Diet

Hemp seeds and oil are a great way to supplement a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet takes away the notion of fats being bad for you and instead concentrates on eliminating carbs from your diet. This can be tough for some because most meals we’re used to rely on carbs to round out the meal […]

CBD Cooking Made Easy: Tips For Cooking With CBD

Most of us, even if we don’t use it, have heard of cannabis edibles. The old standby for marijuana use is to smoke it, but the effects can also be experienced by simply consuming the marijuana. Today, especially as legalization continues to take place around the world, the plant is not just dropped into cookie […]

Depression and Cannabis

Depression affects millions, and even mental health professionals can’t always be certain what will or won’t help a specific patient. With the legalization of marijuana continuing to sweep the nation, it is now possible to investigate the effects of cannabis on mental health, and better determine whether or not THC or CBD could improve the […]

Study Finds Most Online CBD Products Are Mislabeled

Even as cannabis based products explode now that cannabis legalization is starting to seriously sweep the globe, new issues with the now available products that can be produced from the cannabis plant are emerging. CBD is one of those products, which is being found to offer significant relief for people suffering from anxiety or stress, […]

CBD Oil — Less Pain, Better Sleep, And More Relaxation!

With cannabis legalization starting to gain steam around the United States, the benefits of all aspects of the formerly off limits plant are becoming more well known. While nearly everyone immediately thinks of the high of marijuana, the cannabis plant offers more than just the recreational aspects. There are real and measurable medical ones as […]

How CBD Dabs Are Making Dabbing Accessible To Everyone

Some cannabis enthusiasts will occasionally turn to dabbing, which is not using the leaf but rather an extract or concentrate of marijuana. Sometimes called rosin, or wax, or shatter, crumble, or rosin, it’s a somewhat more concentrated form of cannabis. It can be produced industrially, and increasingly is as marijuana becomes legal across the United […]

A lady having headache

Natural Pain Relief: Why CBD Might Be Better Than Opiates

There are benefits to taking CBD supplementation over Opioids.  CBD was legalized in the 2014 Farm Bill but because of the stigma attached to hemp, many doctors are wary about prescribing it.  CBD oil is detached from the THC (the high producing component of hemp) so it is safe to use and you function normally.  […]

Congress Considers Amendment Allowing VA Doctors To Recommend Veterans Medical Cannabis

The Senate Appropriations Committee has recently voted to add an amendment to the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act that would prevent Veterans’ Affairs from denying treatment to veterans based on their use of legal cannabis. The amendment will prevent discrimination against certain veterans who use medicinal marijuana by blocking the VA […]

Will CBD Help Me Sleep?

More and more, CBD oil is helping people around the world. For a long time, people have used marijuana to calm themselves down, help them sleep, or increase their appetites, but now we have CBD oil. CBD is derived from marijuana but doesn’t contain THC so it doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of regular weed […]

CBD: My Miracle Medicine

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder, or CMT, is an extremely rare hereditary disease. It’s characterized by degenerative deterioration of the patient’s peripheral nervous system. As the disease progresses, they lose tissue in their muscles, and sensation to touch across their entire body. As the disease begins to reach more advanced stages, the patient can lose the ability to […]