Proven Self-Care Activities to Cope with Stress When You’re Feeling Low

Although these modern times have provided us with a host of advanced technological benefits, the levels of stress that we are often forced to endure are comparatively higher when compared to the past. Stress can have numerous damaging effects upon our body. From high blood pressure and premature aging to emotional issues and relationship problems, […]

What Causes Student Stress And How To Avoid It In College

There are several reasons why stress can develop in college students. Performing academically probably tops this list, closely followed by the ever-present financial pressures. 

What Happens In The Mind Of Someone Who’s Depressed

Depression is a term often used to describe feelings of overwhelming sadness or severe melancholy. When you are experiencing persistent hopelessness or loss of interest in regular activities, it may be a sign that you are depressed. Depression is a mental health condition that needs to be managed and treated properly before it gets worse.

Yoga – Natural Relaxation Practices

The world is full of stressors these days. Stress is hard on the body and manifests the side effects in different ways. With the help of yoga and natural relaxation practices, we can help combat the negativity that stress has on our bodies. There is no doubt that as the world evolves there are higher […]

5 Ways Students Can Stay Healthy When Having A Heavy Schedule

Hectic studying routines make college kids go through numerous challenges and troubles, prompting them to look for different ways to handle their academic stress. Yes, students can apply for anonymous writing help from reputable online services because of the over-loaded tasks they receive but there are also other habits that can help them limit their […]

Colors Affect Mood & Behavior

Four Ways To Bounce Back After Burnout

Burnout is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common in the workplace. Characterized by employees feeling mentally and physically exhausted, burnout in the workplace is on the rise, with 44% of respondents of a recent Gallup study feeling burned out. Burnout is extremely serious and is impacting individuals’ mental and physical health. There are a […]

How To Overcome Low Confidence In Your Professional Life

Everybody’s confidence tacks a knock at some point or another as they climb their chosen career ladder. What makes prosperous business owners and entrepreneurs so successful, however, is the fact that they find a way to overcome these momentary instances of self-doubt. They push forward regardless of what people say about them and they bounce […]

Learn How Mindfulness Is The Key To Your Success At Work And Life

We live in an increasingly busy world where our minds are working a mile a minute pretty much all day long. In a rush to accomplish your daily errands and necessary tasks, you’ll often find yourself losing your connection with the present moment and detaching from what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. Did you […]

Psychological Addictions: More Than Meets The Eye

All of us are creatures of habit to one degree or another. Some individuals will feel bereft of energy if they miss an exercise class at the local gym. Others are hooked on “comfort foods” that will often be turned to in times of stress. From simple behaviours such as needing to sleep in a […]