Is There A Link Between Low Testosterone Levels And Depression?

Though not clearly understood, the connection between testosterone and various health problems is an interesting discovery in men’s health. Though it’s produced naturally in both genders, it’s generally considered as a male hormone. Its production rate, however, is 20 times higher in men than women.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Complaining – Bad For Your Health!

Coping In A Toxic Work Environment

Healthy Holidays / Family Stress The Relatives

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that kicks off the start of many Family Gatherings at our house, which can be great fun and also cause great stress. Every family, no matter how close and loving has some sort of dysfunctional aspect.  It is just part of being human.  We aren’t perfect therefore all […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Tied to Increased Risk of Suicide

A traumatic brain injury doubles your risk to die by suicide.  The good news is suicide is a rare event.  But those with a traumatic brain injury increase their risk for emotional problems, depression, memory impairment, concentration problems, headaches, dizziness and neck pain.  The worse the brain injury the greater the risk of suicide. A […]

Exercise Really Can Chase Away the Blues … to a Point

It has been long believed that the more exercise you do, the better your mental health. However, new studies are showing that this is not necessarily the case. While exercising is one of the most effective ways to combat depression, over or under doing it can actually worsen your mental health. Studies have shown that […]

More Women May Be Experiencing Depression During Pregnancy

While postpartum depression has been a known ailment that affects new moms, there has been a shift recently that is making more moms-to-be depressed. Instead of the depression and anxiety setting in after the baby is born, women today are beginning to get depressed in their third trimester. This depression seems to be predominantly rooted […]

We’re In The Grips Of A Loneliness Epidemic And Here’s Why

In an increasingly hyper connected world, loneliness is on the rise. It seems like a dichotomy, but social researchers say it actually makes sense even as it also forces a heavy toll on those of us who are heavily connected but increasingly isolated despite all our social interactions. Recent surveys show that more than fifteen […]


Many U.S. Adults Take Medicines That Can Cause Depression

If you start feeling down, it could be something you’ve been taking for another medical problem. More than one in three people in the United States take a medication that could be causing them to experience depression. Many of these medications are ordinary, even common, though most patients taking them aren’t aware of the documented […]