Resistance Exercise Linked to Reduced Depression Symptoms

Exercise is good for more than just your physical health. It can bolster your mental health as well. A recent review of existing research looked at nearly two thousand adults who participated in other research studies. The review divided the participants into two groups; those who engaged in resistance training as a form of physical […]

Study Affirms What Many Know: Antidepressants May Lead to Weight Gain

Depression is a real and very serious mental health problem, a disease that medical professionals recognize even if they sometimes struggle to successfully treat. Patients who deal with depression are often all to aware of how tough it is to handle. And there are many side effects that come along for the ride when depression […]

Stressed Out Middle-Aged Workers Have Higher Risk of Mental Health Issues

It is more likely for middle aged adults to develop mental health problems down the road if they are constantly over stressed from work. There has been a  scientific study done in the UK where they collected responses from over 6000 workers. Based on the results, about one third expressed that they could not control […]

This Simple Hack Will Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement

Anxiety can be a crippling problem for many; one that those who do not suffer from extreme levels of it can struggle to understand. For many people, anxiety and excitement are often similar states of mind; and the one can lead to the other. When you deal with anxiety problems, a simple state of intense […]

Science Says Stress Is Contagious — Here’s How to Avoid Catching It

Stress might feel like something personal that hits an individual based on his or her own reactions to situations, but stress is actually something that can spread from person to person like a disease. Stress, in all its forms from simple anxiety all the way up to full blown frustration and anger, is a communicable […]

Ketamine Nasal Spray Shows Promise Against Depression, Suicide

New medical research out of New York has found that ketamine might be able to rapidly and safely ease suicidal thoughts, and depression. While the study was small, it showed remarkable results in patients who were severely depressed. Those participating had been judged by psychologists to be in a high risk category for suicide due […]

How to Cope When the Lab Emails You Scary Test Results

The power of the Information Age is, well, information is more and more accessible than ever before. And while in many cases this is only a positive, sometimes it can be complicated to have full information available to you at the click of the mouse. When it comes to medical information, especially specific test results […]

Going To A Concert Is Better For You Than Yoga, Study Says

Many take up the practice of yoga out of a desire to improve not just physical fitness, but mental as well. It turns out, the mental benefits of yoga can be not just achieved, but exceeded, by attending live musical performances. Study participants who were wired up with heart rate monitors were shown to have […]

How to Connect with Depressed Friends | Bill Bernat

Comedian Bill Bernat has been fighting depression for some time now, and he has ideas on connecting with others suffering depression. He suggests reaching out to them and making them feel they are important contributors to society as they are, despite their depression. In this video, he outlines some do’s and don’t’s when initiating contact […]

Antidepressants Do Work, Some Better Than Others: Study

Good news just when you might be feeling down; antidepressant medication does work. A review of previously conducted medical research studies confirms it. Over five hundred studies, comprising more than a hundred thousand patients, was examined to confirm their results. Every study participant was taking one or more antidepressants. The review found that antidepressant drugs […]