Anti-Anxiety Drugs – What to Choose?

All of us deal with anxiety at least some of the time. When it’s upon us, everything gets harder. Anxiety can be triggered by many sources, but whether it starts within or without, it settles into our heads and keeps us from locking down on being our best. Psychologists consider anxiety a mental condition, even […]

The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage | Susan David

Being from South Africa, Susan David has gained a unique way of viewing the world. She believes that how we all deal with our inner world can directly effect our everyday lives. The way we see ourselves helps us to thrive in this world. Denial can be destructive to a country and a person. During […]

7 Things the Happiest People Do Every Single Day

Everyone has some control over their happiness. To be specific, half of it can be controlled, while the other half is set mainly by hereditary factors. In order to boost that 50% that is in your control, these seven factors may contribute significantly. You should actively pursue your goals. Trying to achieve more and have […]

10 Simple Things to Make You Happier At Home

While it may not seem like a big deal, there are lots of little things at home that you can do to improve your overall happiness and well-being. This list of ten things you can do at home to improve your mood will pinpoint some overlooked things. For one, make your bed. Along with making […]

9 Unexpected Things That Are Seriously Stressing You Out

Habits you haven’t even thought of may be adding to your daily stress. Late Bedtime – Going to bed after midnight can have an effect on your overall mood and stress levels.  A recent study showed that you would be more likely to suffer from negative thoughts if you went to bed after midnight compared […]

Millennials Increasingly Strive for Perfection

A constant desire to achieve perfection can have serious mental impacts. New research conducted on the university student populations in Britain, Canada, and the United States looked at over forty thousand individuals. They were tested on their levels of perfectionism, using three main metrics. The first looked at the pressure people expected to receive from […]

You Aren’t at the Mercy of Your Emotions — Your Brain Creates Them | Lisa Feldman Barrett

Brain science has some tidbits of information that people need to consider. The brain may actually be the source of many emotions that people feel. Previously, people thought that their emotions controlled many aspects of their lives. But new research suggests that the brain actually creates these emotions. That is a stark finding and one […]

Woman enjoying healthy food

Boosting Moods with Foods

What we eat can affect our mood, both positively or negatively. Depression risk is increased if a person does not follow a healthy diet. Eating well is good for more than just the body, it’s healthy for your mind as well. Some research has looked at the type of diet to determine any corresponding mood […]

Is Too Much Time Online Raising Suicide Risk in Teen Girls?

New medical research points to how much time teenage girls spend on online activities as a cause for the increase in rates of suicide, depression, and how likely the patients are to consider either. An analysis into injury data that resulted in fatalities over a fifteen year period prior to 2015 was central to the […]

Will A Little Less Hustle And Bustle Make Your Holidays More Enjoyable?

The holidays always bring a lot on. Everything’s decorated, once a year events are happening, people you only see at this time come into town, or you head out to visit them; it can be overwhelming. Which is just another word for stressed. When the silly season is upon you, it can bring both fun […]