Woman enjoying healthy food

Boosting Moods with Foods

What we eat can affect our mood, both positively or negatively. Depression risk is increased if a person does not follow a healthy diet. Eating well is good for more than just the body, it’s healthy for your mind as well. Some research has looked at the type of diet to determine any corresponding mood […]

Is Too Much Time Online Raising Suicide Risk in Teen Girls?

New medical research points to how much time teenage girls spend on online activities as a cause for the increase in rates of suicide, depression, and how likely the patients are to consider either. An analysis into injury data that resulted in fatalities over a fifteen year period prior to 2015 was central to the […]

Will A Little Less Hustle And Bustle Make Your Holidays More Enjoyable?

The holidays always bring a lot on. Everything’s decorated, once a year events are happening, people you only see at this time come into town, or you head out to visit them; it can be overwhelming. Which is just another word for stressed. When the silly season is upon you, it can bring both fun […]

Moving Just 1 Hour a Week May Curb Depression Risk

Dealing with depression could be as easy as getting some exercise. When thirty-four thousand adults were studied in Norway, results pointed to physical activity being a significant factor in reducing how many in the pool suffered from depression. And the study ran for over ten years, bolstering the findings. Researchers say most people have a […]

Cancer Patients May Have Undiagnosed Depression

Depression is commonplace among patients being treated for cancer. According to findings presents recently by Jason Domogauer, an M.D. and Ph.D. student at Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School, depression was found in four out of ten patients with cancer, with three out of four never being diagnosed or treated for depression at all. Depression […]

Duloxetine, Cymbalta

Duloxetine (Cymbalta) is an antidepressant medication, which works by blocking the reuptake of neurotransmitters to nerves in the brain. The inhibition of reuptake enables neurotransmitters, serotonin and norepinephrine, to remain present and effective in the brain, consequently reducing distressing psychiatric and physical symptoms. Duloxetine may be used to treat several disorders, including depression, anxiety, and/or […]

U.S. Antidepressant Use Jumps 65 Percent in 15 Years

There has been a huge jump in antidepressant use in the United States over the last fifteen years. Women are more likely to use them, as are whites versus blacks, hispanics and asians. Cultural differences are a likely reason for this, particularly for minority men. Whites also tend to have greater access to psychiatric services […]

Chronic Pain Common in Adults With Depression, Anxiety

A new study by Columbia University published in their “Journal of Affective Disorders” focused on 5000 adults in Brazil that struggled with anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders. The study found that about half of these patients reported chronic pain. Additionally, 33 percent of those surveyed reported respiratory diseases, 9 percent reported heart disease, and […]

We Train Soldiers For War. Let’s Train Them to Come Home, Too | Hector Garcia

There are many brave men and women who volunteer to fight for our freedom and country. They train and train hard to be prepared for what is ahead if duty calls, and war breaks out. They see things, hear things, some of which is very traumatic. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is something that our veterans […]

As People Age, The Factors That Drive Depression May Shift

Depending on ones age and what personal issues they have going on in life depression can affect them differently. The study on this included a range of people from age eighteen all the way until ninety-three and found that while there are some similar issues that cause depression, some that are unique to individuals and […]