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Grape or Grain but Never the Twain? A Randomized Controlled Multiarm Matched-Triplet Crossover Trial of Beer and Wine

Foods That Fight Constipation

We Should Stop Drinking Coffee First Thing in the Morning, Study Suggests

Signs & Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

A little stomach discomfort and many jump to the conclusion they must be lactose intolerant.  I mean milk and dairy are the new bad guys for digestive issues, right?  But before you diagnose yourself to be lactose intolerant let’s investigate the symptoms and make sure that something else isn’t the problem.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet – The What, Why & Does It Work?

Some chronic health concerns revolve around inflammation of the body. When joints swell on a consistent basis, for example, that’s rheumatoid arthritis. One way to reduce or even eliminate such swelling is the change your diet to one that is anti inflammatory. Certain foods can cause swelling in the body, or make the body more […]

Why Do I Get A Headache When I Haven’t Had My Coffee?

Caffeine like many other things is addictive and is considered to be a drug at the end of the day. Many Americans and those around the world are well aware that their morning goes much smoother with a cup or two of coffee to get things moving. Headaches happen to those who lack their morning […]

Even Light Drinking May Make Fatty Liver Disease Worse

Fatty liver disease is a disease of the liver characterized by when the liver is made up of 5% or more of fat. While fatty liver disease can be caused by drinking, it is also caused by obesity and other unhealthy habits. When it is not caused by alcohol, it is considered non-alcoholic fatty liver […]

Diet soda

Experts Weigh Pros and Cons of Low-Calorie Sweetened Drinks

Low calorie drinks have always touted that they do not contain any natural sugar, which, for many years, was considered a harmful thing to have in soda. The American Heart Association recommends: no more than 25 grams of sugar daily for women (six teaspoons) no more than 37.5 grams of sugar daily for men (nine […]

Mediterranean Diet Might Help Ease Psoriasis

There has been a study conducted that suggests that the Mediterranean diet is helpful in lessening the severity of Psoriasis in patients who have it. Characterized by a large amount of fruit and vegetables as well as cereals, extra virgin olive oils, and fish, the diet has a huge anti-inflammatory effect on the body and […]

Dehydration May Muddle Your Thinking

Water is life for humans. And while dehydration carries a lot of very serious health risks, that can ultimately become fatal in a matter of days, it turns out there are a host of other medical issues that can arise well before we could face a terminal problem. New research from the Georgia Institute of […]