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Exactly What I Ate To Get My Sugar Addiction Under Control

After decades of food manufacturers successfully shifting the blame for many health concerns onto fat, the focus is shifting to sugar. New medical research points to the heavily sugared modern diets as playing a key and unwelcome role in many medical issues we find ourselves dealing with. Food manufacturers responded to the fat shunning crazes […]

21 Reasons To Cut Back On Sugar That Blew Our Mind

Despite the sugar industry’s past efforts to deflect health attention onto cholesterol causing fats, sweets are turning into the primary focus of both doctors and consumers. Unfortunately, manufacturers have started loading sugar into the very foods they’re now claiming are better for you after lowering the fat content. Some sugar is okay; the body processes […]

How Urban Agriculture is Transforming Detroit | Devita Davison

When we think of cities, we often imagine concrete and building development; not gardens and farms. Nowhere is the typical image of a big concrete jungle of a city more prominently represented in the minds of many than when you mention Detroit. The city used to be a metropolitan mecca, with nearly two million inhabitants […]

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The Future of Good Food in China | Matilda Ho

China is home to more than one point three billion people. They eat a lot of food, and have a rich culinary history. But with that many people, not everyone can readily tap into it. Many who grow up in poverty in China learn to practice not only patience when it comes to meals and […]

7 Foods That Make You Bloated (And What To Eat Instead)

Bloating can turn a beautiful meal into a horror show. When gas accumulates in the digestive tract, it starts to build up in the intestines and stomach. And it has to be processed, sooner or later, which can interfere with a polite setting. Certain foods are the culprit, and avoiding them can limit the need […]

What a Single Fatty Meal Can Do to Our Arteries

Studies have been done that demonstrate the effects of eating fatty foods, and how such a diet contributes to chest pains, or angina, particularly such pain directly after a meal. The hypothesis at the outset was that, after meals, the blood flow is redirected to the stomach to aid in digestion, and away from the […]

What’s New in Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, 2017

Over fifteen years ago, Dr. Walter Willett first released his guide to good health and how to eat to achieve and sustain in. Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating took its place among a score of other tomes eager to offer self-help or nutrition advice. Dr. Willett’s took […]

I Quit Drinking For 8 Weeks And Here’s What Happened

In this article we explore a Australian Ninja Warrior, Katie Williams on a journey to become sober for 2 months as she quits alcohol to see what changes and what affects her. What she found to be the most surprising out of all of this was the fact that during this cut out period of […]

The Three-Ingredient Breakfast You Should Be Eating Every Morning

Many people think a good and healthy breakfast is simple and easy to come up with. Cereal or bread, maybe some coffee, and you’re out the door headed to start your day in good shape. Or you might choose a smoothie, fitting in a lot of fruits and vegetables before most people are even out […]

Use Your Five Senses to Eat Healthier

 Food should be pleasurable, that first smell of coffee in the morning.  We use all 5 of our senses when we eat. Sight: You start to taste your food the minute you see it. Smell:  After sight the sense of smell starts.  The aroma hits your nose and mouth passing hundreds of odor receptors. Taste: […]