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How to Stop Beating Yourself Up About What You Eat

A lot of people beat themselves up over what they eat, but there is a way to stop doing that. If you are still obsessing about that cupcake you ate recently, then it is time to get over it and move on with life. There is more knowledge out there about nutrition than ever before […]

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Make Your Monday Coffee Order A Little Bit Healthier

Coffee, Healthy. Should those two words even be used in the same sentence? Can they be? Is your morning caffeine addiction bad for you? Well studies show that there are ways to make your coffee mix healthier for you. A common debate is skim verses full fat milk. Which is better, more fat or more […]

Benefits of High Carbohydrate Foods – Top 5 Foods Revealed

There are benefits to eating of food consisting of high carbohydrates, which includes these three separate categories: sugars, starches, and even fiber. Sugar carbs are found in lactose, fructose, and sucrose. Carbohydrates from starches are found in, potatoes, rice, legumes, and even peas. Fiber carbs are the associated with the following: vegetables, cooked beans, fruits, […]

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal. But Why?

It has been scientifically presumed that breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day. In relation to our prior beliefs, eating a large breakfast can be beneficial to the body if the remaining meals are appropriately sized. A group of 50,000 Seventh Day Adventists (age thirty years and older) were studied for […]

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Hung Over? Exactly What To Eat (And Avoid!) To Feel Better, Stat

Hangovers are the worse, and not many people know why we get them in the first place. The truth of the matter is that alcohol dehydrates you, causing the body to secrete much needed electrolytes in their urine. Leaving you with the uncomfortable, but all to common, symptoms of dehydration such as headache, fatigue, dry-mouth, […]

The Best Way to Wash Fruit and Vegetables

Grabbing a piece of fruit is usually good for your health. However, as more information comes available, it is being found that it can be a little tricky finding the safest fruit. Many farmers will use pesticides on their fruit. A few common misconceptions are that organic and domestic fruits and vegetables are the safest. […]

Yikes: This Is What Casual Drinking Actually Does to Your Body

The effects of alcohol on your physical, mental and emotional health is significant even when consumed only in social environments.  More people than you think have stopped drinking alcohol for one month.  These are social drinkers, who thought let’s just see what happens. Here are some results: Better sleep More energy Fewer sugar cravings Emotionally […]

Do You Spend the Majority of Your Nights Out Queuing for the Toilet Once You’ve Broken the Seal? Here’s Why

According to experts there may be some truth to the theory, and there are even ways to train the bladder to go less frequently. Frequent loo breaks after a tipple are believed to be down to the alcohol itself. If we stuck to soft drinks we’d spend a lot less time queuing up in nightclub […]

Breathalyzing Fans at Super Bowl 50 | BACtrack

BACtrack send two of their reporters to attend Super Bowl 50 to ask how much alcohol football fans have had to drink. The reporters interview and interact with fans, and then gave them breathalyzer tests using the BACtrack breathalyzer. The BACtrack breathalyzer is a small piece of device, as small as 3-4 inches (about the […]

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Delicious Low Caffeine or Caffeine-Free Alternatives

Coffee and tea are popular and enjoyable beverages. However, drinking more than a few cups a day may affect your health. High consumption of caffeinated drinks can increase blood pressure, raise cholesterol levels and cause dehydration. If this is a concern, why not replace one or more cups a day with these delicious alternatives?