Overweight diet danger

Learning More About Obesity

Obesity is one of the country’s quickest developing and most disturbing medical issues. Unless you act to address the feelings behind why you indulge, you could be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to your weight. If you have a high body mass index (BMI) — you might be in danger of numerous health conditions, including hypertension, coronary […]

Parents Do Not Recognise That Their Children are Overweight, Survey Finds

This day and age, parents do not page attention to their child’s weight. It is becoming a global epidemic that children are eating whatever they want and it is causing a lot of health problems for kids. Especially when they grow up and have significant more problems relating to how they ate as a child. […]

The Trigger of an Aging Body in Older Women Susceptible to Eating Disorders

One of the most significant campaigns in our culture is the idea that aging is a bad thing, something that should be fought as long as humanly possible. According to Euromonitor International, a leading provider of market analysis, the North American anti-aging skin care landscape involves a $400 billion industry, with skin care alone making […]

Maudsley Model in Eating Disorder Treatment

Realizing that eating disorders are an illness that the family needs assistance in combatting, the Maudsley Model is a three phased plan that incorporates professional knowledge with parental compassion. Otherwise known as Family Based Therapy, this model has seen success in clinical trials. It seeks not to hospitalize the ill child, but to train the […]

Accepting Changes You Don’t Want: Post Bariatric Boobs

Everyone has things about their bodies that they would like to improve on. It may be taking something out or putting something in. Today many women and even men can now pick out their entire body in a magazine and pay a surgeon to build them. This can be good for some but some people […]

Effectiveness of Specialized Eating Disorder Units in Hospitals

In many instances, a person who is struggling with acute symptoms for an eating disorder will be admitted for issues related to the eating disorder, rather than the eating disorder itself. While hospitals have emergency services that are able to accommodate these types of complications, not all hospitals are necessarily equipped with the resources for […]

What is Belly Fat and How Can You Shift It?

No one likes that stubborn bulge that we all know as belly fat. Is there anything we can do to get red of it is the age old question. Belly fat also known as visceral or intraperitoneal can be really stubborn and not go away easy. Visceral fat accumulates slowly and over time and is […]

Eight in 10 Middle-Aged Britons ‘Are Overweight or Exercise Too Little’

The demands of modern day living are taking their toll on the health of the nation and its those in middle age that are suffering the consequences most, as their health reaches worrying new levels. More than 15 million Britons are living with a long-term health condition, and busy lives and desk jobs make it […]

Save money on healthcare

5 Things Everyone With an Eating Disorder Should Know About Their Insurance

Insurance companies bank on the fact that most people will give up after being denied treatment. Those who do appeal the denials once, twice, even three times also eventually give up, simply because the fight is time-consuming and deeply discouraging. As a result, insurance companies only end up paying for the small subset of people […]

School Vending Machines Raise Very Little Money So I Ask A Principal, “Why Keep Them?”

Having a vending machine at school can be very beneficial to both the students and the school authorities for many reasons. Having these snacks available to the students although they might not be the healthiest helps school officials keep track of their students. If the machines are in the school the children will not walk […]