GLOSSARY of Terms: Body Image. Body Dissatisfaction. Body Shaming. Body Acceptance.

Anyone who spends any time watching television, reading magazines or looking at social media posts is likely to be well-aware that certain body types are seen as desirable. If you believe what you see, you may quickly conclude that anyone who does not look fabulous in a bikini or low-cut dress doesn’t deserve to be […]

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Loss of Job Near End of Career Linked to Weight Gain

Are men more likely to gain weight after they lose their job? Research shows that this may actually be true. The studies show that the stress of losing a job can cause weight gain. Men who are not married at the time that they lose their job are more vulnerable to gaining weight because they […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chewing and Spitting Disorder

The chewing and spitting disorder is a real eating disorder where you chew the food up then spit it out, rather than swallow it. Not only is this disorder dangerous, but it is also addictive. When the food is in your mouth for long enough, it can get to the pleasure centers of your brain […]

Kids’ Binge Eating Tied to Unavailable Parents, Weight Teasing

Want to prevent obesity in your children? Stay involved with them, study says. A new study indicates that children who have parents who are unavailable, either physically or emotionally, are more at risk for binge eating habits, which can lead to obesity. Binge eating is eating past the point of fullness. There can be discomfort […]

Males Don’t Present Like Females with Eating Disorders

Males represent one of the most universally ignored study groups when it comes to eating disorders, and best estimates, not the ones used in media, are that it is 1/4 that suffer from them. It looks different in them and goes unnoticed and undiagnosed by professionals as such. For men, it is a common trait […]

Eating Disorders In Young Children–How Bad Is It?

There’s a startling trend according to recent studies on eating disorders. Researchers are finding evidence of disorders in children younger than we commonly assumed previously. However, this trend might not be evidence of something bad. Not everyone carries their disorder through to adulthood, and sometimes the disorders are short in duration. We may be finding […]

What it’s Like to Struggle with Bipolar Disorder and an Eating Disorder

Mood disorders like bipolar disorder often co-occur with eating disorders. One person has both bipolar disorder and an eating disorder, and describes her life with both conditions. People are generally aware of the seriousness of eating disorders, and culturally eating disorders are being understood more and treated more seriously. However, bipolar disorder is still misunderstood […]

5 Things My Daughter’s Struggle Taught Me About Eating Disorder Recovery

This woman is writing about her experience as a mother of a daughter with an eating disorder. She wrote this article as a guide to help others who may be in her position. Not only does it break down what to know about the recovery process, but it also details how to help. In it, […]

You Have the Power to Challenge Diet Culture

Diet, it is the worse kind of word. It means you feel you are over weight, the F word, Fat. Just thinking about having to go on a diet sends you down a spiral of junk food and ice cream. We do that thinking we are going to work it off, we just want a […]

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The Web of Sabotage

It is very easy for others to sabotage your weight loss goals if you aren’t careful. Just in the same way that spiders design their webs to catch unsuspecting prey, it is easier to trust those around you to support your goals than it is to be constantly and mindfully vigilant all the time. Especially […]