Sick of Having a Bloated Belly? Read This.

Culinary Therapy gives a concise and easy-to-understand guide on stomach bloat and the top three ways they use again and again to reduce or eliminate it. Do you suffer from bloat, stomach pain, or any other related side effects? Learn both mental and physical tricks to assist with digestion and the best ways to prepare […]

The Dangers of Being Over-Confident in Recovery

Eating disorders can be very difficult to overcome. This article describes the story of Katrin and the difficulties than can be arise when someone with an eating disorder becomes complacent about recovery. While it may seem on the surface that the eating disorder itself is under control, overconfidence and complacency can lead to ignorance towards […]

Weight Loss Stalls After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss after bariatric surgery moves at its own pace, a fact which takes many people by surprise. After two or three weeks of successful and rapid weight loss, it can be somewhat disconcerting to realize that your body is no longer slimming down, regardless of how little food you put into your mouth. It […]

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Pushing Past Your Physical ‘Limits’: How the Navy SEALs’ “40% Rule” Can Help You Do More Than You Thought Possible

People have pre-conceived notions of what physical feats they can or cannot do, which are reinforced through time and habit. As a result, the majority of people never actually reach the limits of what their bodies are capable of. For example, someone who runs 5k daily but usually gets tired by the last kilometer may […]

Surgery Complications Can Be Scary

Weight loss surgery is not without risk and can result in serious complications. In fact, complications from weight loss surgery can be serious enough to endanger your life. They include symptoms like nausea and vomiting that are common non-threatening side effects of many medications. And indeed nausea and vomiting can be the result of medications […]

How to Avoid “Gut Rut” and Wholesome Foods For Holiday Entertaining

The food that will be consumed this holiday season often times leaves the stomach in a horrible not. The high fats, carb, and sugary food can throw off digestion for weeks to come. It is important to take steps to protect your stomach and limit any discomfort that will come with holiday eating. There are […]

The Two Easiest Lifestyle Tweaks To Improve Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes has taken a strong hold in American culture. Adults are not the only ones affected, so are children. With obesity on the rise so is diabetes. Watching what we eat and counting calories has become a daily struggle for some. With the influx of gluten free, & sugar free foods, some people have found […]

Make Weight Loss Permanent With This Simple Solution

I GET IT!!! You want to lose weight. Correct? And if you do lose weight, you “fear” regaining it all. Right?

My Top Tip for Immediate Energy!

We all could use a little more energy. We remember the days of our youth where energy was in an abundances. We could never run out of it, always on the go until bed. Well we have all gotten a little older and so has our energy. It is slowly disappearing, and some of us would […]

Lose Weight And Become Healthier By Eating Red Meat And Butter!

Yes – You read this right! A diet higher in saturated fats like red meat, eggs and butter while decreasing whole grain carbohydrates not only produces greater weight loss. It improves your overall health by decreasing your risk for diabetes while improving heart health.