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Top 10 Positive Health Effects Of Laughter

You might have often heard that laughter is the best medicine. But laughter can achieve much more than raising our spirits for just a few minutes. In fact, there are several health benefits associated with laughter. Laughter affects our body in more ways than we can imagine. Feelings of joy and euphoria are created as […]

The Health Challenges Facing Children in the Foster Care System

Foster care is a challenging environment, and it is taking in many children who are already burdened in a number of ways. And we’re just now starting to study and quantify how foster care affects the health of the children involved. In this piece, we’re going to take a closer at some of the health […]

Top 10 Yoga Apps for College Students

Yoga is only becoming popular with time. Thanks to the tremendous benefits it offers to those who practice it, both in physical and mental ways, yoga has become one of the all-time favorite activities of many people around the world. Right now, it’s also easily accessible thanks to the Internet and your smart device. In […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Exercising Outside

Regular exercise and taking part in activities is one of the best ways to keep your mental and physical health in top shape, but you don’t need to limit your sports sessions to the gym. Taking your routine into the great outdoors can provide a much-needed change of scenery, and it can bring even more […]

What Is Medical Qigong and How Can It Help Me?

Healthcare leaders in the U.S. are in desperate need of new ways to help people get and stay healthy. Americans spend between 11 and 15 percent of all their income on health care and the cost of care is getting more and more expensive. Something needs to change.

How To Stay Healthy And Thrive When Tackling Work And An Education

A career is difficult to manage with your everyday life as it is. It becomes even more difficult when you take on a difficult job like teaching, where your workday doesn’t end when you go home but continues well into the night. You might get summer, Christmas, and Easter holidays off in compensation, but that […]

Benefits of Being A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is someone who’s certified to help others concerning general health and fitness, especially with exercise prescription and instruction. It’s a unique mix of physical prowess and emotional competency because they have to motivate their clients to achieve their goals.

14 Kinds of Career Adjustments That Will Improve Your Wellbeing

Working at a job that you don’t enjoy or which provides significant physical, mental, or emotional challenges can definitely take a toll on your overall wellbeing. If you’ve been stuck in the position of working a career that is causing problems in your personal life related to your health or lifestyle, you’re probably wondering what […]

Fitness Motivation: 5 Fitness Influencers for Every Body Type

No matter what your body type is, you deserve to feel healthy and energetic every day. Sometimes, finding the motivation to stay healthy can be tricky. While there are countless new fitness fads out there that claim to keep you fit, these are largely tailored to specific body types. These days, you don’t need to […]

What Is The Microbiome Diet?

Modern society is experiencing different health problems due to many reasons: poor eating habits, lack of exercise, exposure to chemicals/toxins, tremendous stress, and more. But one of the most critical factors that cause health issues among people is poor diet.