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Is Measles Making a Comeback?

Happy Health – Injecting Some Fun Into Your Fitness Regimen

The rise of structured fitness has taken the magic out of staying fit. Once upon a time, it was up to us to design a fitness regimen that made sense for our lifestyle and bodies. Here we explored all kinds of practices, gauging what works and what can be tweaked in future sessions. Then came […]

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Can You Become Dehydrated While Swimming?

Pants Snug? Are You Feeling Bloated?

Old-Fashioned Toys Better for Kids than Video Games, Pediatricians Say

Healthy Holiday Survival Tips – Exercise

Get Moving For Good Health

Go here to check out how many calories you are burning doing various activities:  CALORIES BURNED

A Quarter of Adults Are Too Inactive, Putting Health at Risk

Over a quarter of the world’s adults are putting themselves at greater risk for dementia, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes because they are not getting the minimal amount of exercise per week!  1.4 billion people worldwide do not get enough physical activity:  1 out of every 3 women and 1 out of every 4 men. […]

Sport Specialization Tied to Injuries in Kids and Teens

New research that looked at children involved in sports has raised a concern about injury risk. When children focus on one sport, rather than playing or participating in a wider array of exercise or sport activities, they are at greater risk of suffering injury. The research study looked at nearly six thousand children below the […]