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5 Signs You’re Healthier Than You Think

There are five signs that you might be healthier than you think. Frequent exercise is a good way to stay healthy, but sometimes being in good shape is not only about how your health is physically. Dietitian Rachel Hartley and Dr. Cindy Geyer say that great health is a measure of how your health is […]

Tabata. Exercises That Give Spectacular Results

For many years, researchers and health advocates alike have touted the virtues of high-intensity interval training, and other types of periodized training regimes. The versatile training modalities are valuable in a number of regards: elevating the heart rate to build maximum output, taxing the muscles to develop increased strength and stamina, and creating metabolic effects […]

Think You Don’t Need Houseplants? Science Says Different.

Green spaces have been shown to significantly affect mood and overall mental function in a positive manner. Having an environment made more pleasant by plants and other greenery helps relax and soothe you, and that contributes to lower stress levels and a better ability to stay focused and alert. Psychologists have confirmed that being around […]

Woman at the Gym for the First Time – Where to Start?

Hitting the gym isn’t just a guy thing. Women can definitely benefit as much from physical activity as men. And not just cardio exercises like aerobics or swimming. Weightlifting can yield significant benefits for female health. It’s not news, or new, that gyms are always eager to sign up new customers. And behind that has […]

Is Higher SPF Sunscreen Better? Study Recommends SPF 100+

More is usually better; that’s the common wisdom. But when it comes to sunscreen and Sun Protection Factor ratings, the answer’s not that simple. Manufacturers, of course, would love to keep increasing the numbers on the labels. To take advantage of most consumers’ reaction to a higher number for something easy to understand, like SPF. […]

Best Food for the Common Cold

Even a minimal understanding of nutritional health reveals that an imbalanced diet, one that doesn’t offer the basic minerals and vitamins our body needs, can cause health problems. Beyond simply feeling run down and without energy, such nutritional deficiencies can make you more likely to contract illness, and less able to fight off infection. For […]

Does This One Mistake Crush Your Health Goals?

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Seven Tips for Improving Foot Care

A great article was written up by Insulin-Nation about 7 important tips for improving your overall foot care and they very easy and simple tips to include in your routine. The first step is a very simple one but is more than likely over-looked by a lot of people and that would be to check […]

The Hormone Diagnosis That Makes You Feel As If You’re Crazy

Like it or not, hormones have a powerful level of control over the human body. From the most basic biological process right through to higher level emotional and mental responses. Hormones play a role in making you who you are, and when those hormones shift for any reason, we can find ourselves starting to change […]


When looking for a well rounded exercise that focuses on the upper body, a pull up should be high on the list. While many people are reluctant to try pull ups for reasons such as neglect or thinking it might be too hard for them, they’re still an important part of a good training routine. […]