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Lifehacks That Make Being A Working Mom A Little Bit Easier

If you are a working mom this article should be very helpful to you to show you simple but very useful lifehacks that can come in handy when you need them the most. The first tip to have and notice here is that you should keep a family calendar it will make life much easier […]

How to Cleanse Your Home of Toxins

There are lots of dangerous chemicals in your home, and some should be avoided as much as possible to create a non-toxic environment. Some chemicals to avoid would be formaldehyde (found in nail polish and glue), chlorine bleach (like tile scrubbers and kitchen cleaners), benzene (found in coal and cigarette smoke), phthalates (which around found […]


You Should Have A Breathalyzer App

Will we finally get an answer to the age old question, “Does size really matter”? Out of all of the myths about drinking alcoholic beverages, there may actually be some truth to this classic tale. The theory behind this is that a person that weighs more will need to consume more alcohol to exceed the […]


Cooling Vest: The Cold Shoulder Calorie Burning Vest

The first thing I always hear when I say I’m touting a cooling vest is, “I don’t like being cold.” But think of all the other crazy things people do in order to try to lose excess fat. Starving themselves? Exhausting themselves in the gym? Ingesting questionable supplements that, if they work at all, have […]