How Much Caffeine Should You Consume Daily?

Caffeine is a legal stimulant drug that can be found in drinks purchasable from coffee shops to convenience stores in a variety of different forms such as coffee or tea. While caffeine is so accessible, however, there has been a debate happening for a long time on whether it can help or hinder your health. […]

There Is More Than One Reason Not Take Antacids

Add Mushrooms to Your Diet and Boost Your Health

Are You Getting Enough Greens?

Sadly, the vast majority of Americans aren’t getting enough fruits or vegetables in their diets. However, even fruits get more love than vegetables, despite the fact greens are perhaps the most crucial components in a healthy diet. Not consuming enough vegetables can lead to significant nutritional deficiencies, especially if you’re not taking any supplements or […]

6 Foods that Help Boost Brainpower

For most people, making an effort to eat healthily is done with the goal of weight loss, muscle building or skin health in mind. While these are great reasons to improve your diet, we seldom consider one of the most important parts of the human body: our brain.

Plant versus Animal Iron

Iron is very important to our overall health. It helps oxygen get through our body. Although our blood carries oxygen, there must be iron in the blood for it to do this successfully. Low iron in the blood could lead to a condition called anemia. This can be very dangerous. Anemia can cause a person […]

Tips For Dealing With Picky Eaters

The Importance Of Digestive Enzymes For Gut Health

Food is the source of our energy, the fuel of our lives. However, most people only care about what goes into their mouths and where it comes out, a process that can be simplified as “point A to point B.” But digestion isn’t as simple as that and instead, digestion could have as many points […]

Is a Vitamin Subscription Worth It?

Vitamin subscriptions are rising in popularity. It refers to agreeing to receive vitamins monthly from a vitamin manufacturer or provider, usually with auto pay set-up for easy payments and you have the option to cancel your subscription any time. Custom-built or personalized vitamin packs have flooded social media via Instagram and Facebook lately. But, is […]

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