I Plan, Therefore I Am

To become who we want to be, whether it’s thinner, richer, or happier, sooner or later, we realize we must plan. Planning can, of course, take many forms. However, there are some underlying components essential to almost all variations. There is the need to see what it is you are currently doing. For example a […]

Feeling Blah? Here’s How to Hit the Reset Button

If you are feeling “blah” and can’t shake that feeling, your best way to kick that feeling is to engage in a detox. A detox is the perfect way to reset your food habits, often in the summer too many times do we let ourselves go with all of the good food and barbeques that […]


Iron Rich Foods

The human body is truly fascinating. Every process is meticulous while every component plays some sort of key role. The aspects of the body that people might deem insignificant are actually essential and crucial in sustaining an overall good state of health. Of course, the most efficient way to care for your body is through […]

Childhood Obesity Not Down in U.S.

Obesity in children and in teens in on the increase in the United States. Minority children are at the highest risk of being overweight and/or obese. This upward trend is problematic and weight gain in children has increased even though the intake of sugary drinks and fast food consumption has decreased. Those children who are […]

Article on Weight Loss Surgery as an Effective Option in Treating Diabetes Sheds Light on the …

With so many of us suffering from type 2 diabetes these days, sometimes obesity can be a factor in controlling your diabetes. The American Diabetes Association is well aware of this. The organization has set new guidelines that say that weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is a treatment option for this disease. Now more […]

Senior Meal Planning Made Easy With Online Software

Who knew that technology could be a way to keep healthy and a highly beneficial way to keep track of a seniors’ nutritional needs? From diabetes, to a low sodium diet or healthy heart diet, there is software available for keeping track of meal plans and dietary needs of elderly individuals.


6 Vitamins Every Woman Should Take

Vitamins are essential for women’s health. They provide you with energy, combat the signs of aging, and help to prevent diseases and cancer. Whether you consume them natually in the foods you eat or take a supplement pill, it is important to know which ones you need and what they do for your body. When you […]

Foods Can Give You the Memory Boost You Need!

It’s no surprise that mental health can drastically decline if one doesn’t take the proper steps to keep it in tip-top shape. Having a poor memory is usually a major issue among the elderly population, but has been an increasingly worrisome issue for the younger population as well. Having an impeccable memory is associated with […]


Fruits with Amazing Health Benefits

When it comes to improving health and bodily function, eating right is just as important as exercise. One of the key components of any effective diet is plenty of fruit, but not all fruits are created equal. Below are some of the most powerful “superfruits” that can help anyone feel better, look younger, and even […]

Sliced banana

Magnesium: The Wonder Mineral

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is essential to the human body. In fact, this mineral is used in over 300 functions and is primarily stored in the skeletal system. Without magnesium your body would not be able to survive. Magnesium is even used to keep the rhythm of your heart steady and strong. Although […]